The 5th Open Letter to the Leaders of Mankind

To: Leaders all round the world, UN Secretary-General, world top scientists and scholars, global well-known entrepreneurs, heads of global well-known media

Dear Leaders,

Taking the cause of mankind as a lifelong pursuit and responsibility stems from a question in 1979 when I was a freshman:Will science and technology one day exterminate mankind? Today, after 40 years of intensive research, I can say with certainty that the continuing development of science and technology will soon exterminate mankind, which will happen after 200 to 300 years or even in this century.

If I said that science and technology would soon exterminate mankind forty years ago when I began to study human problems, it would be considered a fantasy; If I said that science and technology would soon exterminate mankind twelve years ago when my masterpiece Saving Humanity was published in mainland China, it would be considered groundless worry; Well, today I would like to say that science and technology will soon exterminate mankind, in fact, many scientists have realized this problem. With the further development of science and technology, many of them will have the ability to exterminate mankind. For example, many scientists believe that Nanobots developed by nanotechnology will exterminate mankind if the program runs out of control to endlessly replicate. Spreading super plague by biological weapons modified by genetic engineering will exterminate mankind. Program out of control or self-consciousness awakening of artificial intelligence may also lead to human extinction. In addition, science and technology is still moving forward, and higher-level scientific and technological achievements will be more powerful. Therefore, it is time for all mankind to act in unification and strictly restrict the development of science and technology.

Over the past four decades, my research on human problems has been a process of running and appealing. And all my efforts can be said to be painstaking and persistent, while all the shouts are weak, all the work has little effect. Science and technology is still running forward like a runaway wild horse. I deeply know that there is not much time left for us by fate.We humans urgently need the whole awakening and a force to promote an awakening movement.

After 40 years of fighting, it’s hard to imagine that I still have 40 years to fight for it. Recalling the painful experience, I believe that I can no longer fight as alone as in the past. An organization must be formed to promote an awakening movement for all humankind by collective strength  in a peaceful manner. It is necessary for every human being, especially every human leader, to realize the necessity and effective way of restricting the development of science and technology as soon as possible. Therefore, in the United States, I officially registered and established Save Human Action Organization (web: www. ), with November 1, 2019 as the founding date of the organization.

As the founder of the organization, I am a Chinese in terms of nationality while the organization is in the United States in terms of place of registration, but what I and Save Human Action Organization do is for all mankind. Our aim is to promote an awakening movement of all mankind in a peaceful manner for the sake of the sustainable survival and general well-being of mankind. In terms of working methods, I always remind myself and the organization I founded to strictly adhere to two principles: one is to strictly adhere to political neutrality, not participate in and not comment on the political affairs of all countries; the other is to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of all countries to carry out our work. Because we are working for the cause of humanity which needs the support of every country, what we do must be careful not to touch the political taboos of every country. All of the above aims and principles are enshrined in the Articles of Association of Save Human Action Organization.

Since 2007 when the Chinese version of Saving Humanity was published, I wrote to human leaders for the first time. Now this is the fifth time that I have written an open letter to human leaders. The first four open letters were only to appeal to human leaders to lead the world to restrict the development of science and technology in a unified way so as to avoid the rapid extinction of mankind. Then this open letter not only appeal but also reports to the distinguished human leaders that I initiated and founded “Save Human Action Organization”. At the same time, here I specifically invite all the leaders to condescend to become special advisers to the organization. Our organization does need your valuable advice, guidance and support.

The main task of our Organization at present is to promote and propagate the idea of saving humanity through various means and to promote an awakening movement for all mankind in a peaceful manner. The goal we hope to achieve is to realize the great unification of all mankind, to realize strict restrictions on the development of science and technology with the power of world government, to save mankind from extinction, finally build a peaceful, friendly and non-competitive society with equal wealth. Because the society can bring common well being to humans. The world government has the conditions, the ability and motivation to complete this mission.

Dear leaders, the fate of mankind is actually in your hands, because you are the most powerful and influential people in the world. Your actions can influence the direction of the world. So it is you who are most capable of leading the cause of saving humanity. Here, I appeal to you all again that if science and technology are allowed to continue to develop without any control, we will become sinners of mankind forever.

Research shows that among the hundreds of millions of cosmic planets, those who are able to nurture intelligent life are extremely few. The birth of human beings on earth is an extremely rare accident whose probability is far less than one in ten thousand.

Fundamentally, the force of nature can eventually exterminate mankind. But it could happen billions of years later. The immense power of mankind makes itself its greatest enemy. If science and technology continue to develop in this way, the extinction of mankind is not far ahead. If we do not awaken, we will fail our ancestors, our descendants and the rare accident by vast universe with great kindness.

– Hu Jiaqi, Director-General of Save Human Action Organization, Anthropologist, Entrepreneur

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