Web Design Firm One Stop Web Stuff Launches New Initiative To Make Websites Affordable For Small Business Owners Across The Country

Charlotte, NC – Founder, Kevin Alexander has announced the launch of their new program aimed at providing high quality, economical websites for small businesses. One Stop Web Stuff focuses on helping local businesses obtain a presence online and attract more customers and revenue.

When asked about what he hopes to achieve with his company’s new program Alexander had a lot to say.

“I’m amazed at just how many local small businesses still don’t have a website or any real online presence.

“As a consumer myself, when I search online for a local business I may have seen or was referred to and I can’t find them, I get concerned. Nine out of 10 times I’ll end up taking my business elsewhere.”

Although the company is headquartered in Charlotte NC, One Stop Web Stuff is still able to service the entire country due to the nature of their online business.

One Stop Web Stuff does exactly as the name implies. They’re truly a one stop shop for the online needs of any small business.

They handle the creative elements such as web design, logo design and graphic design.

They also handle the marketing side of things such as pay per click advertising, paid social media ads, lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO) etc.

“There’s really no valid reason for a small business in America to not have a website,” adds Alexander.

“By far, the number one thing I hear from business owners is they can’t afford a website. For the most part, they all know they need a website but they procrastinate on getting one due to financial constraints.

“We’re in the business of solving problems for small businesses so we decided to do something about it. Our mission is to now make websites affordable for virtually every small business owner.”

“We’re making this happen by adopting the proven American model of monthly payments,” Alexander continued. “Now, with One Stop Web Stuff, you can do the same with your website.”

And he’s right. Think about it. When you buy a house or a new car you don’t need all the money upfront. That would be crazy! If that were the case, almost no one would own a house or drive a car!

Instead, you make payments in the form of a mortgage or car note while getting immediate use of the house and car.

“You can get immediate access to your website and start bringing in more business while making low monthly payments that fit your budget,” concluded their Founder.

“We can get most websites built in 7-14 business days depending on the complexity of the website. We’ll cover it all from website design and logo design to social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

“Every project is different so the best thing to do is talk to us about your specific website needs and we’ll take care of you.”

After the company helps small businesses get a presence online they can even help them with new customer acquisition strategies.

They can consult with small businesses, giving them a blueprint to go implement or there is also the option to have the company implement it for them. That way, they only have to focus on running their businesses.

For more information about One Stop Web Stuff, or to get an offer today, visit the website at https://onestopwebstuff.com/.

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