Emerging.Technology is Becoming the Go To Online Community for Learning About Cutting Edge Technologies like Cryptocurrency, AI and Virtual Reality

The Forum is Focused on Making Advanced Technologies Accessible, & Features Guides, Discussions, Q&A’s and Marketplaces

January 16, 2020 – Emerging.Technology has proudly announced that it is growing globally and offers a place for enthusiasts and those who want to learn about new technologies to connect and collaborate. Emerging technologies are rapidly changing the world we live in and more and more people have an interest at understanding the opportunities in the tech space, as well as the implications of this change. Emerging.Technology is working to position itself as the leading tech-centric online community, and to provide new and previously unavailable ways to connect with the world of cutting-edge technologies.

It’s no longer just Silicon Valley and big business that’s being effected by the advent of powerful new technologies becoming ubiquitous. The 2020’s are the first decade in history that many previously unthinkable technological developments are already available or close to being available from the beginning. Artificial intelligence is being used in apps that the majority of the world’s population are using every day, billions of dollars is being invested into the development of self driving cars, and robotics and nanotechnology are changing the way that medicine is conducted in the 21st century.

People from around the world are coming to Emerging.Technology to share what they know, to learn more about tech, and to connect with others that share a passion for technology and futurism.

“I love knowing that we’re in a time in human history where emerging technologies are going to change life on Earth in a way that has never been experience before,” said founder Joel McLeod, in a post on the community. “And while there are many challenges to overcome together, there is also a lot of hope that technology will unlock a new, better world for humanity,” he added. According to Joel, the website has a recently taken on a team of experts in various tech fields in order to be able to provide support to community members, and to generate interesting discussions about tech.

The community is running multiple campaigns on social media such as the Crypto Full Moon Party to spread the word about the up and coming community. In the coming months the forum will be launching its own cryptocurrency, the TECH token, that will be integrated with the community and will act as its medium of exchange.

In addition to the forum, the platform also provides interesting articles from topics as diverse as what the future of Bitcoin is, to the potential for using transcranial direct current stimulation to improve cognition. Moreover, the platform is also preparing for the addition of industry ask me anything’s (AMA’s), where leading researchers, entrepreneurs and practitioners from the tech industry will come and answer questions for community members. The aim of the Emerging Technology community is to become the world’s leading digital community for the technology space, and to offer unique opportunities for personal and professional growth for members and guests alike.

For more information, please visit the website at: Emerging Technology

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