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Business owners would agree that time is essential and equates to money, especially when running an online business. In today’s modernized and digital world, where more than 90 percent of purchasing decisions start with a quick online search, a website is an integral component of creating a brand for businesses.

Aside from personal branding, business owners should ensure that their websites are performing at an optimum level to minimize the risk of jeopardizing their sales and to guarantee the sustainability of their online business. The best way to do this is to utilize regular and consistent website monitoring.

Website monitoring is best defined as the process of checking the uptime, performance, availability, and functionality of a website. All of these should be up to standard. A functioning website is critical to the success of a business, which is why it should be accessible to all users and must have little to no downtime episodes.

Uptime is the amount of time in which a system, device, or server is operational and without interruption. It is often measured through percentile. Downtime, on the other hand, is the opposite; it is the time when a website is not operational or is inactive. These two are determining factors in the performance of a website and can be measured through website monitoring.

Several years ago, website monitoring was deemed complex and challenging because it required on-site servers and various packages for IT departments. As technology evolved, website monitoring became easier with the use of monitoring tools offered by website monitoring providers like

A website should be always up, online, and performing as well as expected. Every time a website is down or unavailable, a business loses its credibility, potential leads, and eventually, sales.

Business owners need not worry about managing and monitoring their websites because there are companies like that can maintain website operationality. is an online platform that offers world-class monitoring services for businesses in various niches. The company has built its reputation in the monitoring industry for its reliable web monitoring performance and maintaining high-quality web services for its clients. Its outstanding performance has positioned as the top monitoring provider. uses modernized web monitoring tools to check its clients’ websites at specific intervals. These tools ensure that all website applications are up and running, and that the servers are functioning properly.

What clients love about is that the team updates them of the status of their websites through a website performance report. It enables them to track their websites’ performance based on several geographical locations. notifies its clients via text message, email, and phone call. These notifications help business owners respond quickly in case of website failure or downtime, enabling them to act and resolve the problem promptly.’s web monitoring services give business owners the privilege of knowing the status of their system in real time. Through these services, websites are under constant review and analysis. The company also provides its clients with a recorded history of failures or downtimes. This lets business owners study the error patterns, so they could work on a preventive approach to avoid recurrences, thus maintaining a high-quality website.’s web monitoring services also help detect the origin of downtime incidents. This lets business owners know the depth of the trouble and allows them to work on its weak points.

Website speed is also important in maintaining search engine ranking. can help business owners boost their website ranking with its reliable monitoring services. Also,’s web monitoring services can detect potential hackers fast, ensuring the security of the websites, the owners, and the users.

For, a website is the consumers’ first point of contact in business. That is why maintaining a high-quality website is indeed crucial to every business. A working and fully functional website is an edge for a business to get ahead of its competitors.

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