Philosopher Konrad Kaplan releases a new unpredictable book about us

Archedox is a new book by philosopher Konrad Kaplan which encourages its readers to think, question, learn new answers to age-old questions and find themselves in a new way.

Chicago, Illinois – January 17, 2020 – The yearn to re-discover ourselves is in all of us yet we don’t always know the right way to do so. But, there is a good news- a recently published book on Amazon is aimed to inspire us to think, question and also help us to discover ourselves in a new way. Titled “Archedox”, the book is penned by philosopher Konrad Kaplan. 

What’s unique about Archedox is that it’s not based on generic tropes that we see with other books. Rather, it focuses on creating out-of-the-box stories that were unknown before.

“It’s a great moment for me to announce the launch of my new book ‘Archedox’ on Amazon. I have long wished to tell people what I have observed and felt about life and the world around and finally I have found the right time to give words to my thoughts through this unique book. Archedox is going to be a one-of-a-kind  experience for the readers; it will give them more reasons to think, more questions to find answers and also offer them a new look at who we actually are and the reasons for our existence. This book is for just anyone who is in quest of something new”, stated Konrad Kaplan

Archedox revolves around the story of an over-ambitious man who is always aspiring to be better than others. His zeal to stand above others drives him crazy to the point where he wants to make everyone worse than him. But then, life has its own plans and conclusions which we have no other option but to accept as otherwise we won’t learn anything.  

As per further statements of the author, Archedox presents the summary of the life of a man, his problems, desires and the lessons that we can learn from them to make our life better and more humane. 

“Archedox is a book that’s all about us and the world surrounding us. It’s about us all. Thus, every reader here will be able to find ‘something’ about himself or herself in this book that will provide them a new dimension or outlook towards his/her life.”

Speaking further, the author stressed that the book asks questions which we have always wished answered. But, there is an interesting twist. Archedox doesn’t fall to the old dated methods of questioning and answering. In fact, it does the whole thing in a novel way and offers new answers which we haven’t heard yet. 

“The world around us is constantly changing and so are we. So, although the questions are age-old yet the answers to them need to change since we are living in a changed world today. This is exactly what Archedox does. It embraces the timeless questions and seeks to find new answers to them that will be relevant in today’s current world.”

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