ONESWEAR: A niche design brand is revolutionizing the jewelry industry

The headquarters of ONESWEAR locates at 1933 Shanghai, a slaughterhouse built in 1933, which was designed by a British designer and constructed by the ministry of civil engineering of old China. The design brand established in 2014 has been capturing attentions of customers and investors by its positioning of “Chinese niche design”, which has been perceived as one of the most expected Chinese design brands.

ONESWEAR has neither accepted investment nor rush to expand, at present, it has stores in 5 cities including Shanghai, Beijing. In the recession of jewelry industry in China, however, ONESWEAR has been rapidly rising, it has demonstrated that how a new brand become the innovative benchmark of jewelry industry with its own way.


The innovation of positioning: Niche design brand

The positioning of most start-ups is mid-low end, yet, ONESWEAR has been adhering to its positioning of “Niche design brand” from its very beginning, it has been benchmarked its design and fabrication to the global luxury brand, offering cost-effective jewelry.

ONESWEAR advocates that “Niche is outstanding” and only offers service to the women with special-interest who are allergic to popular taste and refuses to ingratiate itself with customers who are old-fashioned, by doing so, it has been highly praised by numerous young designers and women with taste on social media. ONESWEAR has made many efforts to continuously strengthen its positioning, for example:

● Designing the jewelry box as a book. It is just like look back upon their love stories when the girls unpack it, with sweet photos, vows hand-written by boys and future wishes.

● Shooting the documentary, interviewing and recording love stories of 50 couples every year.

● The cooperation with Sailor Moon is a classic case of crossover collaboration. They opened themed pop-up stores in Shanghai and Beijing and the limited jewelries designed by them were sold out.

● No salesperson. All the customers will be served by designers one by one in person and all customized jewelries will be completed with customers.

ONESWEAR has been driven by their own explicit goal, instead of being an ordinary jewelry brand, it has its goal to be a niche brand with unique charisma. Despite of the big disparity with luxury brand, the area-effectiveness in its early stores is higher than that of Tiffany and close to Apple Store. 


The innovation of design: Chinese design & International quality

ONESWEAR has gathered 62 young designers, most of them are from global renowned art school such as SUNY NP USA, BCU UK and CAFA.

Different from most design companies, ONESWEAR never stands still and always actively links to global resources to connect international process and young designers.

● Cooperation with design schools on “DESIGN SHOWROOM”. 20 school designers will be invited to conduct professional evaluation and make repeated polishing and modification before the new product release so as to make the new design perfect.

● SHANGHAI LAB. Domestic and overseas college professors and senior goldsmith have been invited as consultant to focus on the research of craft and material quality to ensure that the jewelry reach the quality of luxury craft.

● A great deal of innovations and patents on craft, such as: grain gold craft, revolving inlay, snow-setting, petal-setting and 18K black gold.


The innovation of space: show window with independent spirit

Each store of ONESWEAR is a show window to express the independent spirit of the brand. Each store has its exclusive style to convey the cultural and artistic communication of the brand to the cities.

ONESWEAR has been always able to create distinct independent style within the limited budget. ONESWEAR and luxury brand are just like the new and old world. Everything of luxury brand store is flatulent, however, everything of ONESWEAR stores is unique. ONESWEAR wishes that customers will experience a romantic date by visiting the jewelry store in an imaginary space. Instead of traditional complex, ONESWEAR only selects the land of literature and art that enjoyed by designers in each city

● The store in Shanghai locates at 1933 SHANGHAI, it’s like to take people back to the age of prosperity by adopting the American industrial style and New York subway station stop-board in 1960’s as well as the through lamp of Boeing factory.

● The store in Beijing locates at YH SOHO, which was designed by the master architect, Zaha Hadid. The store was designed by designer from Taiwan, with the 15 giant art exhibition boards, it’s like visiting a contemporary art exhibition.

● The store in Suzhou locates inside of Eslite bookstore, known as worlds coolest bookstores rated by CNN. The store was designed by Parallect-Design Holland. It is like a gloomy diamond mine, the darkness and light are connected by the steel bond in the middle just as the rail of tramcar.

From a certain perspective, ONESWEAR is not like Chinese Tiffany, it’s more like the Chinese MINI.

We believe that ONESWEAR will grow rapidly in the future, for its explicit and fierce passion and mission. It is exactly the existence of such brand that makes the world fascinating and extraordinary.

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