Cbdology.eu Releases the Latest Range of CBG Oil Products in Its Range

CBD oil is already well known among the most selective natural health supplement enthusiasts, and it has indeed proven its merit with numerous users around the world. But there is another compound and product which has been recently making waves as well: CBG oil. And today, CBDology.eu has made a lot more customers happy with the release of its latest range of CBG oil products.

UNITED KINGDOM – Whilst numerous individuals have already heard of CBD and are, in fact, using its products for their benefit, only long-term enthusiasts and fans of hemp compounds are fully aware of another product and supplement and its full benefits. CBG oil is another product derived from the hemp or cannabis sativa plant, and this supplement has broken new ground among those who are in the know – and rightly so.

CBG oil is also non-intoxicating, similar to the famous CBD oil, as confirmed by suppliers and manufacturers like CBDology.eu, but scientists are discovering that CBG oil may even be more effective and beneficial than CBD oil, particularly for certain users. In fact, it appears that CBG oil may have more enhanced properties for reducing inflammation than CBD oil, and it may also be more potent per dosage.

And now, CBDology.eu is proud to confirm that it has included CBG oil in its range as well, and CBDology.eu now offers CBG oil in two variants. The CBG oil available from CBDology.eu is of the highest quality, and CBDology.eu attests that its CBG oil is fully tested in the lab by independent authorities, and its production follows the most stringent quality control procedures as well.

At CBDology.eu, customers can choose from the 2.5% CBG oil variant and the 5% CBG oil variant, both of which come in 10ml bottles. The 2.5% variant of CBG oil is on offer for only £24.99, while the 5% CBG oil variant also comes for the low price of £49.99.

CBDology.eu remains to be the best source of CBD products in the UK and Europe, and for those who are interested in CBG oil but would like to know more about its properties and benefits, CBDology.eu provides a handy guide to CBG oil on its website as well.

About the company:

The reputation of a company like CBDology.eu has already been cemented in the minds of numerous customers looking for only the best CBD oil and CBD products in the UK and Europe, and at CBDology.eu, customers can easily find a whole host of high-quality CBD products for their needs. But CBDology.eu has recently introduced another excellent product to its list: CBG oil – and those who would like to try out this wonderful new product can visit the CBDology.eu site. 

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