Path Of Exile Metamorph Guide – Use POE Currency From Zero To Hero Challenge

Path Of Exile Metamorph Guide - Use POE Currency From Zero To Hero Challenge

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Since Path of Exile 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas and Metamorph release, a lot of issues are around it, mainly several major points, such as trading and challenges, and a majority of which are common ones. For a novice, he is faced with the challenges of starting from zero when playing, so the way to reach incremental goals is to document each increment.

From Zero to Hero challenge is a very hard process, and each step is associated with POE Currency. The guide is to teach you to record each increment, from none to a little bit, even a fair bit of POE Currency, which is helpful to create a better POE economy.

Once starting Path of Exile, the beginners would encounter more critical issues than expected, but at the same time, this is also a good opportunity to trade effectively and gain basic POE Items.

Beginner Guide

In the early of the game, there will be a lot of POE Items pouring in. It is impossible for beginners to fully figure out their value, so you can’t do anything other than put them all in. Or you could send some useless items to the Auction House, this is the strongest point of the current trading system for newcomers, the robots of Auction House will immediately buy the goods without waiting too long, and then selling them to the old players at a higher price.

In order to learn about the value of all POE Items or to maximize the use of limited items, you’d better classify the categories and analyze their functions.

POE Currency: This is the tradable items in POE, mainly POE Orbs and Scrolls. POE Currency can be exchanged with each other, but as the exchange rate changes at any time, the value of part of items will drop or rise, so never just believe the strangers about price or underestimate the value of your items. When not trading, just put your currency in a public stash tab.

Bulk-consumed Items: They can be described to be the most frequent types of items appeared in POE, usually fragments, scarabs, prophecies, fossils. They are cheap enough to get easily, so it is worth buying a lot for beginners at once, which will make the process of stocking up faster.

Rare Items: The most typical ones are Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs, since these items are hard to drop, making them rare and valuable. It’s hard to find someone who is willing to sell rare ones to you. In order to avoid being deceived more, you can definitely find a shop called IGGM, where there are almost all high-value POE items you want, and their prices are cheaper than you buy from other players. All you have to do is whisper the items you want, and they will appear in your account within 15 minutes. Even so, think twice before trading to ensure that this is indeed a secure store.

Intermediate Guide

After playing for a while, the intermediate is almost familiar with the value of use of POE Currency, and the next one to learn is how to get as much currency as possible, as well as trading.

For intermediate, everyone is still allowed to trade at the Auction House through buying and selling currency quickly and making benefits.

When trading with others, the best way is to store a large amount of items, such as fossil and sell the majority of them instead of selling each one individually, which can spend less time trading while making benefits.

As for rare items, they are high value but hard to gain, making them difficult to find in general markets. Therefore, if you can get some, keep them for yourself, or sell them online to others at high prices. And you are not recommended to run offline trading, time-consuming and inconvenient.

In general, you can sell something rare at a price much higher than itself, and then continue to reduce the price over the next few hours until it is sold. Don’t keep an item at a high price for too long, otherwise it may be kept forever in the Auction House. Surely, you can also bargain with others and sell at a price no more than 10% higher than the market price, which might be accepted well easily for most buyers.

Pro Guide

For players who have been playing POE for a few years, we just have some words to say instead of effective guidance, because they are already professional enough to deal with most of the difficulties encountered when playing.

Learn giving up. Each exile’s pack is limited, which can not hold all items in POE, so it is a necessary skill for professional players to learn giving up. When finding a useless POE Items, someone will be lucky enough to think that in case it is good, it could be used well, and then leave it behind, but it is actually not. Even if you can’t get the items you want, crafting or buying are some good methods.

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