Announcing the Sale of Domain Name & Trademark

This catchy domain name, hosted by GoDaddy, and trademark is up for sale on eBay.

Titusville, FL – Tristram Himmele has announced that is now up for sale on eBay with an asking price of 29k. The sale includes the trademark approved application, serial number 88403105 with the U.S. patent and trademark office, and the domain name. 

‘Funding by Friday’ would be an ideal choice of names for a mortgage company or lender, and provides the perfect opportunity to set up a website where people could apply for a loan and contact a variety of lenders from a single platform.

Himmele suggests that the platform might have some similarities to Kayak, a portal where people can shop at many different sites at once for travel quotes, or what’s known as a ‘metasearch engine.’

“I see it as a Kayak-type search engine for loans and financing,” says Himmele.  “It’s an idea that makes perfect sense. It would provide an easy solution for customers looking for a loan. The memorable name would allow it to stand out from the competition and would attract a lot of attention. The platform could not only allow visitors to apply for a loan, it could also keep them informed as to the status of their applications, too.”

Himmele has decided to put the domain up for sale because of other commitments, but says he would be open to the idea of a partnership with a developer.

Himmele has previously made a reputation for himself as an inventor.  One of his current projects, My Pill Time, is being launched on Indiegogo, A pill bottle that saves lives, this patent pending productis a remarkable new invention that prevents people from double dosing. It is particularly valuable as a means to monitor the medication schedule of the elderly, and as such could potentially save thousands of lives once it’s readily available.  It also allows doctors and pharmacists to monitor patients’ dosage remotely, eliminating the need for appointments in order to renew a prescription.

Himmele invites anyone interested in purchasing, or entering a partnership, to give him a call at 561-229-6834 or email at

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