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Have you ever found yourself in a natural disaster? Have you ever thought of how to survive a disaster? Survival instinct is one of the greatest gifts of life, however this gift is more effective if it’s are backed with necessary survival gear. In the world of constant disaster such as earthquakes, floods, accidents or even out door camping, people need to stay well equipped for the worst as such incidents can happen anytime.

Survival supplies is a must have for every home or every individual. People get confused when it comes to equipping themselves for disaster, making out a survival gear list is a great place to start. One of the key components a person is suppose to have is an outdoor survival supplies these types of gear help one survive in the outdoor during worst case scenario.

There are basic things a survival gear list must contain starting from life support items to comfort items. Because clean drinking water is an essential part of our life, water sanitizer or filter is one of the most necessary requirements for a disaster preparedness kit. Survival food is another essential thing to stock up in case of a disaster as one may not have the time to cook always during this time.  First aid kit is also a must have because this come in handy in any emergency situation such as when there is a need to treat wounds.  Other item to include in a survival kit list includes Flashlight, compass, map, lighter, sturdy boots, fishing gears, a survivalist blanket etc.

Due to the increasing demand for survival gears, shops have spring up to carter for this needs. is one the best online go to shops when it comes to survival. From tips/information needed to survive a disaster to top survival supplies needed during a disaster all can be found here. is highly equipped with camping, hiking and disaster supplies. Some of the such items includes high quality camping tents, torch, backpacks, solar chargers/radio, roadside emergency kits, defence kits, first aid kits, survival food supplies etc. Unlike most survival market places through its blog also educates its users on topics related to survival.

Whether you are searching for survival information or survival items is the best place to go to.

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