International Best-Selling Author, Nutritionist, and Chef has opened up Harlem’s Healthiest Restaurant

The tagline for Lyn-Genet’s Kitchen is “Comfort Food For Every Body” and when you look at the menu, you quickly figure out why. Lyn-Genet has created a platform for health-conscious people everywhere to eat out guilt free and deliciously. This cozy brick walled restaurant is inviting with benches, cushions, local art work and friendly, attentive staff.

From vegan, vegetarian, gluten free to a great lamb burger, this restaurant showcases Lyn-Genet’s list of least inflammatory foods that will nourish you, your friends and your family. All of the restaurants recipes are low sodium, but full of flavor and incorporates many flavors from Thai, to Indian to Mexican. The diverse menu has  dishes that are perfect for sharing. Thanks to Lyn-Genet’s work as a nutritionist who specializes in inflammation and food sensitivities,  it’s one of the few restaurants I have seen that welcomes people with special requests.

There’s a full bar with specialty cocktails that features herbs, teas and fresh juices such as cucumber and ginger. There also a wine list featuring Spanish wines, many of which are organic or sustainably raised.

One of the highlights of the restaurant is its sense of community. There’s a DJ on the weekends for casual dancing and often involves sing alongs. Lyn-Genet hosts parties featuring local artists and musicians and her free Wednesday Wellness series is wildly popular. Don’t miss the first Wednesday of every month, “Tame The Flame” is her series on depression and inflammation with helpful tips and insights on how to feel your best.

About Lyn-Genet:

Lyn-Genet is a widely known health and wellness expert. She is a NY Times and International Bestselling author of The Plan and The Metabolism Plan a groundbreaking anti-inflammatory nutritional protocol which has been published in over 15 countries. She’s been featured on Dr. Oz, Huffington Post, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Women’s Running, Fitness, Marie Claire, Elle, and Prevention.

Lyn-Genet and her staff of doctors and nutritionists have helped hundreds of thousands of men and women reach their best health by finding their chemical responses to food, not counting calories. The Plan is an effective way to lose weight, improve health and reverse the aging process.

You can find details about books, upcoming programs and products on the official website.

In order to know more about Lyn-Genet, we asked a few questions from the teams over there:

Q. What motivated you to begin your journey with this food business?

A. I started off as a baker at the age of 14 and have been in love with the restaurant business ever since! I’ve worked all over the country, but without a doubt opening up in Harlem has been the best experience.

Q. How, according to your experience, these programs can be beneficial for the clients?

A. Whenever you eat the foods that work for your body, it does what it always wants to do which is heal and have you be at your best weight. Following my diet has been able to help lose weight healthfully and joyfully while also putting serious diseases Like autoimmune disorders, type 2 diabetes, chronic pain, and depression In remission. I can’t think of a more rewarding career.

Q. What are your growth plans with this Lyn-Genet’s Kitchen restaurant?

A. Next stop We open in San Diego and then either Chicago or Houston. I am so excited to share the gift of health and wellness with everyone!

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