OCS Helps CPAs Minimize Clients’ Future College Debt

Optimum CPA Solutions (OCS) is on a mission: To minimize future college debt for millions of Americans. As families struggle to repay $1.6 Trillion in student loan debt, OCS is working with CPAs to help future families with college-bound students avoid many of the costly mistakes that have led to today’s massive debt loads.

The statistics are startling. Without a Pre-College Plan, 50% of freshmen fail to graduate, 60% of grads take 6 years or more to complete a 4-year degree, and unprepared for hidden expenses, 64% of students run out of money every semester. These trends have resulted in those without a Pre-College Plan spending up to 3.5 times more for college than those with one…along with debt levels that are nearly impossible to repay.

“Prevention is the key,” states Debra Gould, founder and CEO of Optimum CPA Solutions. “CPAs – especially during tax season – are totally focused on helping clients stretch every dollar further, and there’s nothing that will impact the financial lives of parents and grandparents of college-bound students more than wisely minimizing every dollar invested in college.”

To facilitate OCS’s advocacy to help families save thousands on college, borrow less, and avoid making the costly college mistakes, Ms. Gould now works with CPAs to offer the first turn-key online solution to solve these problems. This step-by-step Pre-College Action Plan was developed by a National Team of Academic and Financial Advisors under the direction of Alice Whinnery, a former CPA with PwC and CEO of the LFE Institute, a leader in unbiased Financial Literacy for more than two decades.

“The CPA profession is evolving. CPAs are seeking a holistic approach to creating a brighter financial future for clients, and OCS’s commitment to helping them become more successful as they provide the tools needed to reduce future college debt for families is a powerful combination,” says Whinnery. “Whether they are helping individual tax clients, or employees of corporations, Optimum CPA Solutions’ collaboration with CPAs has the potential to impact millions of lives.”

About Optimum CPA Solutions:

OCS is a subsidiary of Optimum College Solutions, a Northern Californiacompany that works with both CPAs and employers to provide Pre-College Planning to parents and grandparents of college-bound students throughout the Southwest, and is a member of the CALCPA, Arizona, and TXCPA State Societies.

About the LFE Institute:

LFE is a national Financial Literacy firm that specializes in developing Pre -College Planning tools to help families of college-bound students save thousands on college, and works with Affiliates (CPAs, advisors, banks, credit unions, membership organizations, etc.) to make these tools available throughout the U.S.

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