How Trending Creative Director Brendan Bannister Escaped the Mundane 9-5 Using a Camera

Bannister never gave up on his passion for photography and has invaluable words of wisdom for other aspiring artists.

San Diego, CA – Trending creative director and photographer, Brendan Bannister, is providing invaluable tips and tricks to aspiring artists who want to escape their traditional 9 to 5 jobs.

Based in San Diego, California, Brendan Bannister is a creative director and photographer for William Painter Inc and has spearheaded their creative strategy since 2018. In 2019 Brendan and William Painter released 4 major commercials that have amassed almost 140 million views and were key in the company’s success and growth in 2019. 

“When I see all I have accomplished in such a short time, I feel so humbled to have been able to pursue my passion for photography and creating”, says Brendan.  “I started photography when I was just 18 as a way to take pictures at car meets, car shows, and on outdoor adventures.  Eventually, I found myself searching for as many opportunities to use my camera that I began to reach out to different brands to offer my services.  I was being paid just a few dollars, but was able to visit epic destinations as a result and began building my portfolio.”

Though Brendan initially had goals to attend law school or obtain an MBA, photography helped him to find a new appreciation for life and a sense of fulfillment.  After graduating college with a degree in Economics and Psychology, Brendan realized the traditional 9 to 5 job just wasn’t what he was looking for, regardless of how much it paid.

“I was terrified of pursuing photography only to become a failure but, regardless, I decided to take the plunge and chase my true dream of being a full-time creative,” states Brendan.  “For the next several months, I spent countless hours building a website, media kits, portfolio, sending emails to brands, taking gigs that paid pennies, and anything else I could think of.  I didn’t limit myself because I believe we should place relationships, trust, integrity, and kindness above our chase for money.”

“Sometimes it is worth working for free in order to add to your portfolio and get your name out there,” Brendan continues, “but it’s also important to turn jobs down that will not benefit you in any way. It is crucial to be able to identify short term vs. long term relationships and be able to place value on the potential of the long term relationships reaching maturing which will ultimately provide higher monetary compensation.”

Brendan’s career took an incredible turn in 2016 when he discovered the company, William Painter.  After some convincing from a friend, Brendan sent the company an email to offer his services.  The response he received would later change his life.

“The response I got said ‘…Your work is incredible! Really. Those are some amazing shots…Hopefully one day we can afford someone of your caliber,’” says Brendan.  “I was shocked because I had never received a compliment like this with a rejection.  As a result, I respected the company even more and decided to pursue the opportunity even more.”

After speaking with Patrick, William Painter’s co-founder and CMO, Brendan made it clear he would stand by the company’s products and work for free if they promised to help him to grow as a photographer.  This ended up being the break Brendan needed, as their working relationship eventually evolved into a full-time career for the aspiring creative.  

“Since I began working for William Painter, I’ve had the most incredible experiences of my life,” states Brendan.  “I have loved every single minute of it – from working with creative agencies, Google, YouTube, to seeing the world.  I have never stopped learning and growing and I continue to be blown away at how far my love for art has taken me.”

“I am humbled every day by the opportunities that continue to come my way. This entire relationship started with a simple compliment and act of kindness. I truly believe the world gives you back what you give to it and how we treat others is how we can expect to be treated. If we stop and think about the small things in our daily lives and relationships they can easily compound into your wildest dreams.”

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“I want to be able to inspire other creatives to chase the creative outlet and to never give up. It is important for people to understand that life doesn’t have to be about chasing the paycheck.  Believing in something and proving yourself will pave a way you couldn’t even imagine for yourself.

“Place more value on long term relationships and allow your work and values to speak for themselves. Photographers are a dime a dozen in 2020, but a loyal friend and business partner are rare and hard to find, and are therefore invaluable and of the highest demand.”

Brendan is currently the Creative Director and Photographer for William Painter and is based in San Diego. In 2020 Brendan and the William Painter team have already established an entire outline for changing the world of advertising. For more information please visit his website at, or follow him on Instagram @brendanbannister

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