Star Wars: The Old Republic Weapon Appearance Customizing Guide

Star Wars: The Old Republic Weapon Appearance Customizing Guide
The nine-year-old Star Wars: The Old Republic has added “weapon tuning” in a previous update, allowing players to customize the weapon while playing through tuning to the tuning slots on select weapons, which could create a new graphical effect for weapons, even some cool looking effects. Since then, the weapon system has been widely used, mainly in changing the appearance of the weapons without changing its attributes.

The first step in playing SWTOR is to create a character and gain as advanced equipment as possible. Customizing its appearance can make the character immersed in it better, such as its color and sound. However, for beginners, they might not know how to make appearance in SWTOR, where to get the components and how to go about dying them. This is an in-depth guide on how to gain equipment and customize characters in SWTOR, which does solve some or most of the questions.

Generally speaking, the weapons in SWTOR are distinguished by color. For example, the advanced weapons are usually green to mean they are unique. Compared to those immutable weapons, you can change its appearance and color of these modifiable weapons at any time to customize them without changing their attributes, just looking cooler than before.

There are various features to customize the weapon appearance, mainly two of which:

1. If you don’t like the appearance of the weapons in SWTOR, you can change the color at will, especially for those who are good at using a weapon, this always gives them a fresh feeling

2. The cartel weapon is not always available, but with inclusion of the option of appearance modification for weapons, more players are willing to buy it to make profits.

As for the weapon tuning, it allows the players to make adjustment to the weapons through the tuning slots, the weapons are originally from the Cartel Market, PVP, Operations, Reputation Vendors, Flashpoints, Heroics Missions, and Crafting Recipes, while the Tuning is only from the Cartel Market Packs.

With the Weapon Tuning, players could take it to an Item Modification Station, and put the Tuning into the Tuning Slot and Apply, and then the Tuning effects could be used with their weapons.

In SWTOR, you can create your characters as the way you like, also known as “Outfit”, this is a set of clothes that visible to you and other players but does not help you in combat, simply put, you can put your character as work-clothes, gym gear or slobbing-at-home at will.

In order to change the outfit more conveniently, you can save a selection of armor for appearance, which is on the right side of the game screen, each tab has the appearance for only one armor, the very top one is the current stats, what this means is that you can change appearance at will without modifying the stats.

If you want to change the appearance, it’s best to place the items into the gear tab, and place armor pieces into the outfit tab, allowing you to quickly switch your character status in a short time.

Color is also one of the important elements that determines the appearance of characters, there is a dye system in SWTOR, providing two methods to dye the armor piece after updating.

Apply dyes to an armor piece and place it into an outfit slot to dye all the outfit tabs this armor piece is in;

Dye in a piece in an outfit and using the stamp dye window to apply the dye to the armor piece in that outfit tab.

In a word, you can easily change the color of each armor with dye, but these dyes would be destroyed when removing or replacing the armor piece from the outfit tab.

Beyond that, you can also change the character appearance through equipping items, and update the characters’ stats to remain viable. The character’s gear determines whether it can successfully complete the challenges, and the item quality is divided into seven tiers:

Cheap: something useless, usually gray, almost everyone can get them in SWTOR.

Standard: something common, usually white, but never giving boost to stats.

Premium: something with little value, usually green, giving a small boost to stats.

Prototype: something is not customizable, usually Blue, giving a greater boost to stats.

Artifact: something powerful, usually purple, giving much greater boost to stats:

Legendary: something rare to obtain, usually gold.

Custom: this is the type of customizable items to give boosts to stats depending on the AMEs added to the items, usually orange, which can be considered the highest ties in the quality item.

With these items, it can change the appearance of the characters to some extent, but no one can get all of them, especially when lacking SWTOR Credits.

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