More Canadian Residents are Utilizing Home Basements and Increasing Personal Space

The Basement Finishing Company is making basement finishing renovations more affordable.

The Basement Finishing Company of Canada serves a wide area within Canada and is making basement finishing renovations more cost-effective now with their tailor-made plans to suit everyone’s budget.  Serving the GTA for over two decades, this leader in basement renovations can do any type of renovation, whether large or small and are always considerate of budget.  The average price for their renovations is $25 CAD to $35 CAD per square foot depending on size.  Size does count as well as prep work and any amenities that individuals would want in a basement, such as an extra bathroom or living space, or simply providing a more aesthetically pleasing “look” to a basement.  The Basement Finishing Company pricing goes down with size, not up.  Some individuals in Canada finish a basement completely making it a great extra space and adding value to their home in this manner.  However, some individuals simply want some dry wall and a “dry” basement compared to the unfinished, wet soil basement they may currently live with. 

Basement renovations are no longer considered strictly a commodity but many times a necessity.

Basement renovations can add value to a home in Canada, even if it is used strictly as a storage or utility space.  Canadian basements are typically not large and can contain a boiler or water heater.  They can be used strictly as storage space.  The ability to adapt renovations and expand a basement to a living space does depend on the amount of space available.  Basements are of course, typically underground, that goes without saying and should be as water-proofed as possible.  Seepage can damage a basement tremendously and encourage mold and mildew.  The damages can be extensive or mild but left unchecked can even extend to the foundation in some cases.  Most cases of water damage can be managed with better drain off and the Basement Finishing Company of Canada, addresses any water problems first, using standard measure

Basement renovations pricing can vary from locale to locale and professional assessment is needed.

With the average basement renovation costs in Canada being from $35 CAD to upwards of $75 CAD per square foot, the Basement Finishing Company of Canada can be a very cost-effective choice for most individuals.  Although the Basement Finishing Company provides packages that are will under the average cost, their knowledge of basement renovations is above average, with over two decades of experience. Consultations are always free too and all inquiries are treated with the utmost timeliness and concern for all clients.  Many individuals are choosing now to enhance their living spaces with basement renovation.  Choosing the Basement Finishing Company is a great place to start the process of basement renovations as the price decreases in their packages as the size of area increases.   Their packages save homeowners time and money!

About Basement Finishing Company

The Basement Finishing Company has been renovating basements cost-effectively for over two decades.  Either large scale basement or smaller scale renovations are a specialty with competitive pricing for basement renovations.  They have an online form, an email, a toll-free number and convenient hours for consumers.  Consultations and visits to homes are always free to assess the needs of each client.  They are a proud craftsman and do provide excellent customer service.  Basement renovation costs are extremely competitive. They have an extensive array of basement finishing and renovation options available with package plans that can save basement renovation costs. Fully insured also of course with financing available! 

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