Litchblau Law Offices: Offering the Lowest Divorce Cost in Ontario

Although divorces in Ontario can often be costly, often averaging between $10,000 and $20,000 CAD, especially for those who go to trial, some can even cost clients up to $50,000 CAD.

Despite this high divorce cost in Ontario, Litchblau Law Offices offers competitive pricing. Various factors will affect the cost of a Litchblau divorce lawyer. For example, the parties’ communication with each other is one significant factor. Can they get along and make compromises? In addition, complications regarding property and debts, and imbalances of power, such as a history of violence or abuse, can increase the price. However, Litchblau Law Offices promise that costs will be significantly lower if the divorce can be settled out of court, as trials are often quite costly.

Litchblau Law Offices offers 4 main legal processes at varying costs. These include Mediation, Collaborate Process, Traditional Negotiation, and finally, Court Proceedings.

Mediation is at the lower end of the spectrum, while Court Proceedings are the most costly.

The Collaborative Process is more expensive than mediation, as the client will need a lawyer representing them throughout the entire process. During Collaboration, the main goal is to reach a solution, as opposed to trying to obtain advantages for their clients, as in Traditional Negotiation. At times, Litchblau Law Offices offers a fixed fee rates for the Collaborative Process.

The cost of Traditional Negotiation is based on a lawyer’s hourly rate, which in Ontario range from $300 to well over $1,000 CAD depending on reputation and experience.

In addition to divorce law, Litchblau Law Offices offer a wide range of Family Law services, such as property division, custody and access, separations, and spousal and child support. Mediation, negotiation, and alternative dispute resolutions are offered as well.

Will and Estate Planning is offered as well. This includes wills, power of attorney, estate planning, trusts, probate applications, advising will executors, and mediation of estate disputes.

In their Real Estate Law division, Litchblau Law Offices handles residential and commercial real estate law, reviews purchase of sale agreements, mortgage transactions and leases for both residential and commercial properties, and titles of insurance for existing properties.

Finally, in their Corporate and Business division, Litchblau Law Offices offers services in corporate governance, registration and licensing matters, commercial and financing transactions, joint venture and strategic alliances, amalgamation and dissolution, succession planning, business registration, incorporation and organization, negotiating and drafting contracts, as well as shareholder, partnership and joint venture agreements, among others.

About Litchblau Law Offices:

For over 20 years, Toronto’s Litchblau Law Offices, focusing on Family Law, Will and Estate Planning, Real Estate and Corporate and Business Law, have produced results within affordable means. Litchblau Law Offices firmly believe that clients must have access to current and up-to-date legal information to be able to arrange their affairs with the help of the firm’s skilled and experienced lawyers. They can easily be contacted by phone, email, or handy online contact form. As their motto states: “Offering holistic legal solutions to you in the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years.”

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