Rolling Ladders Provide Added Safety in Industrial Workplaces and Warehouses

Rolling Ladders Provide Added Safety in Industrial Workplaces and Warehouses

Do you want to help create a workplace safer? Consider the use of rolling ladders in workplaces like warehouses or industrial spaces where workers may need to climb to perform their job functions. Rolling ladders are great in companies that currently use traditional, fixed ladders, but can also make work safer and more efficient in a wide variety of other work settings. For more information about rolling ladders, visit

Rolling Ladders and Warehouses

While rolling ladders can be effective tools in a variety of work contexts, they are especially helpful in warehouses. Almost all warehouses are designed with height in mind and optimize storage by using high shelves or racks to store materials. Many warehouses use forklifts and other machinery to reach materials that are stored above head height, but such machinery may not be the safest or most efficient way to access products and materials. Rolling staircases can be easily moved around a warehouse and used by individuals without any specialized training to access lighter or less bulky items stored at greater heights.

Rolling Ladders Increase Workplace Safety

A surprising percentage of injuries are linked to the use of ladders in the workplace. Almost half of all fatal falls in the workplace are linked to the use of ladders. Rolling ladders help eliminate many of the risks associated with traditional, fixed ladders. They are more stable, easier to move, easy to fix in place with their locksteps, and provide a larger working base than many other types of ladders.

Rolling Ladders and OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the government organization responsible for regulating safety in the workplace. One of the areas that they regulate is the use of ladders. They have a publication devoted specifically to ladder safety that outlines the guidelines for the safe use of ladders in the workplace. These rules and guidelines relate to the surrounding conditions, which may dictate acceptable and unacceptable uses depending on the amount of space available. To familiarize yourself with the rules, visit the OHSA publication website or visit with any questions.

Easy to Store

While rolling ladders provide larger bases and increased stability while in use, they are surprisingly easy to store. Many rolling ladders fold into much smaller units so that, when not in use, they can easily be stored in small spaces. This makes them convenient even in locations where storage space may be limited. Platforms & Ladders offers a variety of different standard-sized rolling ladders in addition to being able to customize rolling ladders for a workplace.

Increase Workplace Safety

Although it may be impossible to eliminate the risk of falls in the workplace, there are several things employers can do to minimize the risk. One tactic is to use rolling ladders or stairways whenever possible to avoid some of the risks associated with traditional ladders. Other strategies include developing a procedures manual that details the safest way for employees to handle ladders and related safety issues.

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