Attaining Mental Clarity – Cher Hayes’ Newly Released Book Helps Readers Overcome Their Limiting Barriers

Dallas, Texas, USA – Experienced therapist and Transformational Facilitator Cher Hayes has now released her book, One Only: Awaken to THE Relationship. Described as a handbook to help readers start a transformative experience in their lives and get rid of limiting beliefs, her new book is highly comprehensive and uses science-backed information to make crucial statements about human creation and its purpose. The book helps each person find value in their existence and discover their relationship with the Source.

Cher Hayes has always been a natural empath with an innate ability to tap into people’s hearts and minds. Over the years, she has honed her abilities to help thousands of people with her therapy sessions and her literary endeavors. Hailing from a family of passionate metaphysicians, she has been proactively dedicated to her field for more than 30 years. Having travelled the world in search of sacred knowledge, she has attended hundreds of seminars where she has communicated with the best minds in the field of mind/body medicine. With many accolades and accomplishments to her name, she is now capable of helping people overcome traumas and unlock their potential within a single session.

One Only helps readers interpret everything as energy and light that comes from the Source. Delving into the world of electromagnetism, frequency and vibration, Cher helps readers interpret the Source as the origin of all creation where all beings were created equal, with an equally important role in the grand scheme of things. By helping readers understand their unique relationship with the Source, she helps them enter a heightened state of consciousness where possibilities become abundant and limiting boundaries begin to fade. Highly adaptable and easy to navigate, the book provides a new yet authentic perspective on the way people live their lives.

Cher Hayes has been on her unique path since the tender age of 17. Having worked as a private mind/body/spirit therapist and a transformational facilitator for over 30 years, she has played her own role in the evolution of human consciousness and the possibilities it brings. In addition to creating a yoga school, she has also founded a re-programming center for children and women.

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