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Yoga is a thousand-year-old form of meditation in India. In the past, westerners saw yoga as a religious ritual or exercise, but this changed when the western world started to become aware of its physical and mental health benefits.

The interest in yoga began with yoga classes in gyms and other places for exercise. However, as the world became a busier place, people realized that yoga could be done in the comfort of their homes. Yoga classes recorded in CDs and DVDs then became available.

Benefits of Yoga

For the past few years, many studies, like those conducted by Harvard University, showed that yoga brought invaluable benefits to one’s physical and mental health. Since it is a form of exercise combining physical poses and breathing techniques, it positively affects people’s holistic well-being. Below are just some of the benefits of yoga:

1. Improved balance

Yoga improves not just one’s physical balance but also one’s mental balance. It improves body alignment and muscle strength, and enhances focus through poses that help improve concentration, calmness, muscle strength, posture, and mind-and-body coordination. Some of these poses include the eagle pose, dolphin plank pose, four-limbed staff pose, and the side plank pose.

2. Increased flexibility

One common misconception about yoga is that one needs to be flexible to perform this exercise. However, it is the other way around. Yoga improves one’s flexibility over time through activities that tone the muscles. The purpose of yoga is to improve one’s flexibility while providing inner peace and calming the mind.

Yoga consists of body movements and breathing exercises that improve mobility. These body movements and breathing exercises help one’s body go deeper into the poses while pulling the muscles, ligaments, and other bodily tissues. Over time, these movements form a system of muscle memory, hence improving flexibility.

3. Better focus

Psychological treatment studies show that yoga helps one develop mindfulness. In turn, this mindfulness provides better focus. By definition, “mindfulness is the process of clearing one’s mind and being aware of one’s thought pattern.” It is also described as “knowing about what one is experiencing now. It is a consistent form of awareness that has a quality of being in the “now.” It is a sense of freedom, practice, and perspective. It is also a sense of being connected—not judging.”

In the same way, yoga exercises require and develop mindfulness through body movements and breathing techniques. They require one to focus on what the body is doing to connect with the mind. As one becomes more aware of what they are doing, they develop focus and concentration. It is a form of exercise that asks one to observe rather than to react. It places great importance on observing one’s mind and feelings while being aware of the “now.”

4. Developed muscle strength

Overall, the body movements and breathing techniques involved in yoga increase muscle strength. Just like other forms of exercise, regular yoga exercise brings astounding benefits to one’s physical body. As it improves flexibility, it protects one from injuries. It is an exercise that uses both large and small muscles, thus guaranteeing muscle toning and endurance. and Yoga Online Courses is a website that offers online yoga courses that aim to improve one’s overall well-being. The company aims to help busy individuals find inner peace while improving body strength and endurance. It offers online courses that discuss yoga in-depth.

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