Garage Doors Are Increasingly At Risk of Break Ins – Why it Pays to Keep Them Maintained

The multi-purpose use of garages makes them an obvious target for criminals due to their contents often containing valuable items such as expensive hardware and vehicles. That’s why in the event of emergency garage door repairs being needed; it pays to get the job done as quickly as possible and not put it off.

This is especially with garage break-ins in Edmonton seeing a 73% increase between 2014 and 2018, and a 30% surge between 2018 and 2019 in Fredericton. In both cases police have warned of a growing trend of vehicles being broken into for garage door remote controls, which enable thieves to get easy access via automated garage doors. While police are warning residents to not leave garage door remotes in vehicles, their advice also includes keeping on top of those emergency garage door repairs.

Why is it important to maintain a garage door?

A garage is a popular feature of many homes but still suffers from an unglamorous image that makes it easy to take for granted. Yet a good secure garage plays a vital role in a household by enabling the safe storage of bulky but often expensive items. In Canada they are still a highly desirable feature and surveys point towards a preference for two-car garages.

The door of the garage is also an asset, with a 2019 report saying that a good quality garage door replacement can add around $3,500 to the value of a home. With around 3.5 million homes featuring an attached garage, it’s a lot of collective responsibility to keep ahead of the upkeep and maintenance of such a potentially prized asset.

How do garage doors keep maintained?

Whether an emergency garage door repair is required or simply regular maintenance, there are a number of aspects to focus on in order to keep everything in good working order. The typically extreme nature of the Canadian winter means garage doors should be built using the latest durable materials, which are designed to resist the harsher elements such as snow and ice. Garage door openers are another part needing careful monitoring, mainly because of the cables and pulleys involved that can easily show signs of wear and tear.

“Technological advancements also mean keypad-operated garage door openers need special expertise and know-how to retune and calibrate systems when malfunctions occur,” says a spokesperson for Canada Garage Doors, a Vaughan-based garage door repair and installation company that also specializes in emergency garage door repairs.

“Careful attention also needs to be paid to having the right garage door type and ensuring they are repaired when they need to be. This applies to rollup garage doors and overhead garage doors that require strong cables and wall and ceiling-mounted tracks. The tracks themselves are also at risk of wearing out and repair work should not be delayed.”

With the full value of a well-maintained and secure garage door clearly established, it is a good idea for homeowners to pay attention when those emergency garage door repairs are needed. The extra security they provide against potential thieves and the harsh winter weather are valuable components of a quality, effective garage.

About Canada Garage Doors

Canada Garage Doors are based in Vaughan, Ontario and have over a decade of industry experience. They work in both the commercial and residential sectors and offer a 24/7 emergency service to customers. As well as providing servicing, repair and installation to customers, Canada Garage Doors also provides annual maintenance of garage doors and door openers.

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