Los Angeles, CA – Jan 22, 2020 – Stream the best Asian cinema today for free on Amazon Prime.

DarkCoast has released VIOLENCE VOYAGER (2018), THE DARK SOUL (2019) and VIXEN (2019) onto Amazon Prime for free. 

1. VIOLENCE VOYAGER (2018) – Directed and written by: Ujicha

Twisted and deranged, VIOLENCE VOYAGER is a nightmarish Japanese anime film from the innovative and unique animation style of writer/director Ujicha (The Burning Buddha Man), who incorporates the 2-D animation technique of “Gekimation” – meticulous hand-painted paper cutouts, created in-camera effects with light and fluids.

VIOLENCE VOYAGER follows two best friends who stumble into an amusement park called Violence Voyager, and everything goes wrong. Starring English voiceovers from renowned stars – Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius), Cedric Williams (Toradora), Saki Fujita (Attack on Titan)
 and Shigeo Takahashi (Nichijou) – VIOLENCE VOYAGER features top-notch native talent, including two-time award winner, Naoki Tanaka (Minna no ie, All About Our House, Zebraman 2), Aoi Yûki(Your Name, Erased, Kamen Rider) and Daisuke Ono (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, Mr. Osomatsu).

Enter the weird and twisted world of VIOLENCE VOYAGER for free on Amazon Prime here:

2. THE DARK SOUL (2019) – Directed and written by Bey Logan

From Writer-Director Bey Logan (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny), THE DARK SOUL follows an American former soldier finds himself compelled to embark on a dangerous odyssey to the dark side of Asia.

Starring Kevin Brewerton (The Fifth Element), Shaw Bros. legend, Lo Mang (Ip Man 23) and Lang-Xing Ye, THE DARK SOUL centers on Dave Chandler (Brewerton), a mysterious American man wandering Asia’s sinister city streets, in search for a missing person. Haunted by visions from his transplant heart’s previously life, Chandler teams up with local, Dickson Lee (Lang-Xing Ye), to navigate the dangerous world of an international organ smuggling syndicate. Chandler and Lee must rely on all their courage and strength to find the missing man, solve a deadly mystery and finally deliver the criminals to justice.

Alongside Brewerton and Man, THE DARK SOUL stars Lang-Xing Ye, Bianca Stam (Deviants, The Beauty Machine, Chasing the Dragon), James Nan (Five Element Killer, Lady Detective Shadow), Ryan Logan (Vixen), Connie Song (Five Element Killer) and Ma Jing-Kwan (Ip Man 2).

Stream THE DARK SOUL on Amazon Prime for free here:

3. VIXEN (2019) – Directed and written by Bey Logan

Writer, producer and action cinema legend, Bey Logan (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny), and James Nan (Five Element Killer, Lady Detective Shadow)have teamed up for VIXEN – a femme-centric Hong Kong action film, directed by pro-action cinematographer, Ross W. Clarkson (Kickboxer).

VIXEN follows a Chinese security expert, Sunny Liu (Li Ran), who fights a lone battle against a European criminal gang inside a locked down convention centre. Sunny must use all her courage, intelligence and martial arts prowess to outwit, outlast and outfight the terrorists. She’s beautiful, she’s deadly, and she always knows – a woman’s work is never done.

Led by former stuntwoman, Li Ran, VIXEN features famous Chinese martial arts expert, Luc Bendza, and martial arts stuntman, Yang Yang. Alongside is world-famous Bryan Larkin (Dead End, Outlander, Chasing the Dragon), two-time winner for ‘Best Supporting Actor’, Julian Gaertner (Chasing the Dragon, Ghost in the Shell), Jai Day (Transformers, Pacific Rim: Uprising, The Expendables 2), Max Repossi (Vengeance 2), Jared Robinsen (Baywatch, The Chronicles of Narnia), Ryan Logan (The Dark Soul, Attrition), Collin Parker and comedian, Mr. Waka Waka.

Stream VIXEN on Amazon Prime for free here:

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