Buddha-like ZELENE Achieves Spectacular Worldwide Fame: The World’s First Buddhist Plastic Surgery Hospital Provides the Best Service to the Global Beauty Seekers with Devout Buddhist Heart

Zelene Plastic Surgery Hospital (Buddhist ZELENE) is the first Buddhist plastic Surgery hospital in the world. It respects the beauty of health, nature and rationality, combines the aesthetics of the East and the West and the world’s top technology, promotes the service concept of quality plastic surgery, health management and wisdom, and provides the world’s top plastic surgery solutions for the beauty seekers.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of plastic hidden dangers, such as exaggerated postoperative effect, high risk, low security and invisible consumption, etc. The plastic accidents also come from places of “three non” (informal plastic institutions, non-professional plastic surgeons and non-conforming medical products). To this end, the Founder Zhou Zilin said that for the most concerned security and real effect issues of the public, Zelene Plastic Surgery Hospital will always adhere to the Buddha’s heart to provide customers with the best service.

In order to master the top plastic technology, ZELENE team went abroad for many times to study and exchange, purchase high-end medical equipment with huge funds, concentrate on the core technology, and constantly optimize the service process, so that the “return to medical essence” can be implemented. The practice of Buddhism makes every member of ZELENE who strives for perfection feel calm and rich. As the holder of plastic surgery safety record in China, it is determined to adhere to the professional spirit of “seeking quality and safety first in stability”.

Zelene Plastic Surgery Hospital aims to rebuild the beauty and self-confidence of the global beauty seekers, and spreads knowledge and belief to the learning team from distant lands. Here, they found the body beauty of the East and the west, and realized the importance of cultivation. All clients and trainees are friends. They can participate in ZELENE’s corporate culture activities at any time, chant scriptures, meditate, release life and pray with employees, and go to the temple with the team to accept Buddhist culture.

The Founder Zhou Zilin

Zhou Zilin, comes from Surgical Department of China’s Public Hospitals, focuses on the East and West aesthetic innovation of plastic surgery. The Buddhist belief urges her to treat everyone around her with kindness and drive every employee of the company with altruistic heart. Moreover, she has carried out the reform and creation from the aspects of medical safety, technical service and humanistic care. Zhou Zilin said that “Focus can keep the original mind, and innovation can gather the quality. In the future, ZELENE will continue to provide customers with high-quality services and build a Chinese brand with international influence.”

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