E-Courier receives Large Investment Funding

“E-Courier Express has received significant funding to the tune of $5million, which it shall put into use in order to develop its software system across the board, as well as the logistics network that it operates at the moment.”

Miami, FL – This is to announce that E-Courier Express, Inc. has received very large funding of $5million from private investors, which the company claims to put into use for developing their business infrastructure on the cloud, as well as their overall logistics network.

E-Courier Express constitutes a new breed of logistics and shipping specialists who have put smart and sophisticated IT systems at the heart of their operations. This has allowed them to offer several services to their clients. The most prominent among these might be the case of international shipping, which it does for 220 countries across the globe. It’s a way to signify their client base who are actually business organizations spread all across the world. This actually fills a gap as there’s no universality in all of the businesses in the United States regarding shipping and other payment-oriented challenges. Moreover, they also offer setting up virtual addresses in the United States for foreign clients so that the latter may have a place to receive their orders and many other deliveries.

The company’s success has a great deal to thank for the rise in different types of software provisions. No longer do they need to employ a large fleet of operators who are going to handle clients all across the world. This is the true wonder of the cloud-based platform, which can be accessed anywhere on the globe. All essential information shall be entered by the clients themselves, and they can realistically keep track of their orders through advanced analytics. However, this is not the end as E-Courier Express has also decided to grow and expand its logistics network across the board. The ultimate result of this is an innovative system or network, which has been successful in decreasing the costs for shipping and logistics on the part of clients by about 70 percent. This only enhances the benefits and their respective coverages once E-Courier Express puts the large investment it has obtained.

In every way, E-Courier Express is representative of a beneficial state of opportunities for business owners and individual traders across the globe. With its investment, there’s no doubt about the fact that the company shall only grow itself, and one can actually engage with them through https://ecourierexpress.us/.      


E-Courier Express, Inc. is an organization that offers exceptionally unique and advanced services to its clients. They fill the gap of shipping and logistics management for clients all throughout the world, but with respect to orders and items that shall broadcast from the United States. For the sake of better manageability and effectiveness in their operations, the company has looked out for a very long time to develop a truly advanced and sophisticated software system, which shall always remain active on the cloud. Moreover, by essentially automating and enhancing their software handling, E-Courier Express focuses on handling orders and shipments in the United States, making sure that everything is safe and secure whilst getting to exactly where they should be.  

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