Ibrahim Hanif: Modelling agencies must acquire influencer agencies to survive

Ibrahim Hanif: Modelling agencies must acquire influencer agencies to survive

“File Photo: Ibrahim Hanif in Dubai Design District for Fashion Forward 2019.”
Dubai – Luxury business strategist meets agency owners to address market conditions.

“The line between representing fashion influencers and representing fashion models is arbitrary,” says Hanif. “Client-lists of model agencies overlap that of influencer agencies. The category split does not make any business sense.”

Backed by quick-exit oriented regional funds, Hanif plans to rollup agencies from both categories to form a hybrid. The maturation period for the project is set at the two-year mark.

Jason McArthur, a private portfolio manager, is the first on the project’s board. “Half of it is the proposition. The other half is about relationships, and I’m confident in Ibrahim’s ability to pull it off,” says Jason.

The board is set to have 12 members, including legal and industry experts. With four influencers in talks to sign on as consultants and a series of agency-owner meetings, the launch announcement could be expected as early as November of 2020.

The service structure Ibrahim advocates is already in place with British Modeling Agency (BMA) offering influencer booking online. Most modeling agencies, however, are venturing into representing influencers as opposed to acquiring an agency with an extensive influencer representation. This differentiation is what Hangman Capital’s next venture is counting on.

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