Toronto’s Zen Mattress Increases Inventory

For customers looking for the perfect mattress in Toronto, look no further than Zen Mattress, which has recently added new mattresses to its inventory. Best of all, they are also offering $200 CAD off any mattress for the first online purchase.

100-night trials and 10-year limited warranty are available for all Zen mattresses. Zen Mattress also offers easy exchange and returns, free of charge. Mattresses that have been returned will be given to local charity. In addition; free shipping is available to all 10 provinces.

Additional benefits include zero motion transfer for the ultimate unbothered sleep and non-allergenic fibres that removes allergens from the mattress, preventing dust, mold, and spores from being inhaled. All Zen Mattress are thermal regulated with a special gel that traps air within its fibres. This keeps mattresses cool in the summer, and stays warm in the winter. Best of all, Zen mattresses offer pressure relieving comfort, while orthopaedic support provides joint and pressure relief. The product’s resilience allows the mattress to maintain its shape and durability. Added bulk increases overall resilience, without adding any extra weight.

All Zen Mattresses at 100% Canadian made, products are sourced in country, and Zen Mattress is also proudly Canadian operated.

Finally, Zen Mattresses are environmentally friendly. Zen Mattresses are made from locally sourced biodegradable raw materials, which are always sustainably produced.

Special mattresses include Zen 100 Cooling Comfort, which are made of 100% Canadian products and are perfectly crafted to suit anyone’s needs. With 3 luxurious layers to enhance sleep, Zen 100 Cooling Comfort’s 9-inch foam mattress offers many benefits. These include breathable technology to enable the mattress to deodorize any toxins and clear out bad energy and a thermal regulator to control the actual temperature of the mattress.

The mattress features a quilted layer for added support and comfort, 4 pounds of gel foam for instant pressure relief, 2 pounds of transitional foam for support, while limiting motion transfer, and 2 pounds of Zen core support.

Zen 100 Cooling Comfort prices range from $250 to $650 CAD. In particular, the twin retails for $250 CAD, the extra-large twin costs $300 CAD, the full is $400 CAD, the extra-large full is $450 CAD, the queen is $550 CAD, the king and California king are both $650 CAD.

In Toronto, mattresses range from $380 CAD for a single, $500 CAD for a queen-sized mattress, to $900 CAD for a king.

In addition, Zen Mattress also offers pillows and mattress covers, as a one-stop-shop for all one’s sleep needs. Pillow types include the Memory Pillow, which relieves pressure point pain around the neck and can also regulate temperature. Its premium cluster ball fibre is fluffable and best of all, resilient. The Meditate Pillow is designed to deliver comfort as well.

About Zen Mattress

Toronto’s Zen Mattress offers the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) an extensive line of quality mattresses and mattress accessories. They can be contacted easily through a local phone number, a toll-free number, email, and even social media, with direct messages on Instagram or Facebook. As their motto states, “Better Sleep, Better Health.”

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