Pediatrician Doctor Francis Nijim’s Amazing Success History

Francis Nijim (born February 15, 1996) commonly known as Doctor Francis Nijim is an Israelian doctor (Pediatrician), businessman and investor. who knew that this DOCTOR will become a successful Pediatrician in his specialty and entrepreneur one day?

Dr. Francis Nijim was born at EMMS hospital February 15, 1996 and was raised in Nazareth (Jesus city/Holy land), he is the son of Dr.Yousif nijim the Head of the neonatal and pediatric departments in the EMMS hospital, Nazareth. Francis graduated from “Salvatorian Sister School” in Nazareth (JUNE 30 2014). at the age of 18 He moved to Moldova, Chisinau (August 30, 2014) to start his medical journey in NICOLAE TESTEMITANU STATE UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE AND PHARMCY, during his studies francis was known as dedicated, thoughtful, brave, decisive, energetic and compassionate doctor, during his studies francis worked as a real estate broker in Moldova and made big profits. 

In JUNE 2020 Francis graduated from NICOLAE TESTEMITANU University with a BACHELOR and Master’s Degree in Medicine, and went back to Israel. In November 2020, during the COVID pandemic, Francis volunteered in the EMMS hospital and EMEK medical center in the COVID sections. later on In Winters of 2020, Dr. Francis invested his profits in the luxury cars rental company masterkey in Dubai with the CEO – Mr. Ibrahim Assad. Doctor Francis Nijim is now a partner in one of the biggest and well known luxury cars rental company in DUBAI Known As “MASTERKEY” and a luxury car rental website “”, with a massive respect and thanks to the CEO –  of the Masterkey company Mr. Ibrahim Assad.

Francis has attained notable success on investing in several startups and companies, one of them the MASTERKEY luxury cars rental company, later on he donated a total of $40,000 to the animal rescue charity and India children charity. Currently, Dr.francis divides his time between Israel in the EMEK Medical CENTER and Dubai in the LUXURY CARS RENTAL COMPANY.

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