Mortgage Growth System is equipping the mortgage industry to boost lead generation and conversion

Established by Dovetail Marketing in 2016, Mortgage Growth System focuses primarily on lead generation and lead conversion marketing for businesses in the mortgage, financial, lending, and real estate industry.

Mortgage Growth System has one core focus: Providing the mortgage, financial, lending, and real estate industry with the technology, training, appointment setters and marketing services for serious professionals who want to leverage an increasingly digital landscape.

“We help mortgage lenders and real estate agents predictably grow their businesses through a proven combination of online lead generation, breakthrough technologies, trained telemarketers, and personalized coaching that replace ineffective and outdated strategies,” explains CEO, Brandon Robertson. 

“We aren’t lead sellers, we’re lead generators and there’s a huge difference. It’s the reason why our system can substantially increase ROI and achieve better results than with other lead-buying options.” 

Mortgage Growth System’s track record speaks for itself. During its five plus years in operation, the agency has:

Generated over 1,000,000 leads,
Helped clients close over $1 billion in deals,
Invested well over $1 million on advertising.

More than just leads

“Generating the lead is only the first step. Conversions are the second and arguably most important step,” continues Brandon. 

Mortgage Growth System employs several tactics to drive exceptional conversion rates, including:

Advanced, industry-leading automation,
A telemarketing ISA team to facilitate appointment setting and live transfers,
Back by momentum coaching to encourage conversions and sales mastery.

A genius approach to getting more referrals

“Our patented Agent Stacking™ strategy has been pivotal in helping loan officers side-step their competition with a modern approach that cuts through the 40-year old strategies that 95% of lenders are still attempting to use to build agent referral partnerships.” 

“Since the vast majority of home buyer leads we generate don’t have a real estate agent yet, that gives loan officers the power of leverage, allowing them to feed deals to the agents they most want to work with and command referrals in return.”

“We really want to provide complete and turnkey solutions, not just be a one-trick pony lead provider like so many other options out there,” emphasizes Brandon.

On the cutting edge 

“We started this firm to bring advanced technology, artificial intelligence and other industry leading options to everyone, even the MLO who’s running a one-person shop. Much like the way crypto currencies and NFTs are revolutionizing the financial industries, we plan on continuing to lead the space with innovative strategies that put our clients a few steps ahead of the competition,” stated Brandon when asked about their plans for now and the future.

Mortgage Growth System’s processes and system have been vetted by more than two dozen mortgage companies and always operates within industry compliance regulations. They’re also a Facebook® certified agency partner, giving them access to trends, information and updates few others have.

“We’ve worked with nearly 2000 mortgage loan officers and developed options for every need, whether a team is big or small,” says Brandon.

Mortgage Growth System offers three primary options:

Done-for-you client services,
Done-with-you training,
A hybrid of the two: the best of both worlds delivered in a Lifetime package with one low fee.

Whether you’re looking for 50 leads per month or 5000; or you’re just one person, a team or branch or even a big company, we have you covered with a real strategy designed to deliver long-term success,” concludes Brandon.


Mortgage Growth System is a subsidiary of Dovetail Marketing. The agency was established in 2016 with the sole purpose of providing businesses in the mortgage, financial, lending, and real estate space with the technology, training, and marketing services they require to succeed in an increasingly digital era. Mortgage Growth System focuses primarily on lead generation and lead conversion marketing for these businesses. 

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