New single “Ratchet Sin City” by Elijah Y. is hip-hop’s masterpiece

Hip-hop artist Elijah Y.’s newly released single “Ratchet Sin City” is hip-hop’s masterpiece.
Dating way back to 1973, the origin of hip-hop music has been credited by many to Jamaican DJ, Clive Campbell, who was popularly known as DJ Kool Herc.
This music genre was discovered through DJ Kool Herc’s amazing ability to switch records as well as isolate and repeat music breaks.
Fast forward from the time this type of music was first heard in the Bronx to Dallas, Texas decades later, and hip-hop still has the energy of its predecessors.
This is evident in the new single by North Louisiana-born Elijah Y. called “Ratchet Sin City”.
Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, in July 1993 and now lives in Dallas, Texas, Elijah Y. has released a piece that has reminded many that hip-hop will never die.
The artist, whose birth name is Ellis Young, IV, has been rapping since the age of ten.
He has his own unique sound and very creative, crazy lyrical style that can easily allow him to compete with the best.
Elijah Y. is entering a new level of hip-hop satisfaction and bringing a timeless style with it.
The single “Ratchet Sin City” was released on 3 January 2022 and already has over 500,000 total streams on all platforms combined!
You can stream “Ratchet Sin City” on all platforms here and you can also follow Elijah Y. on social media.

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