Sunkey degradable packaging and recyclable packaging bags

Sunkey degradable packaging and recyclable packaging bags
Sunkeypackaging Company is a manufacturer with 20 years of experience in packaging production. At the beginning of 2022, it has developed degradable packaging.

1. At the beginning of 2022, the company has developed degradable packaging and recyclable packaging material, which can be applied to three-side sealing bags, eight-side sealing bags, and stand-up bags.

2. Fully biodegradable bags materials refer to plastics that are degraded by natural microorganisms such as bacteria, molds (fungi), and algae. The ideal fully biodegradable bag is a plastic bag made of high-performance polymer materials. After being discarded, it can be completely decomposed by environmental microorganisms and eventually become inorganic substances and become part of the natural carbon cycle. “Paper” is a typical biodegradable material, and “synthetic plastic” is a typical polymer material. Therefore, a fully biodegradable bag is a plastic bag made of polymer materials with the characteristics of “paper” and “synthetic plastic”.

The structure of the degradable material is as follows:

A. Kraft paper/PLA,

Disadvantages: poor barrier properties, poor heat sealing strength,

Advantages: low cost, suitable for simple packaging, and three-side sealing

B. Bopla / Kraft / vmpla / PLA

Disadvantages: non-foldable, poor strength, high cost

Advantages: good barrier properties

Fully biodegradable packaging materials, also known as biodegradable plastics, refer to those caused by microorganisms in nature under natural conditions such as soil and/or sandy soil, and/or under specific conditions such as composting conditions, anaerobic digestion conditions, or hydroponic conditions. degradation. The medium is eventually completely degraded to carbon dioxide (CO2) or/and methane (CH4) mineralized inorganic water salts (H2O) and its elements and plastic nascent mass.

All biodegradable packaging should meet the national standard GB/T21661-2008 and have reached the environmental protection standard. Traditional non-degradable ordinary plastic bags do not meet this standard.


Advantages of using fully biodegradable packaging

Environmental protection: The use of fully biodegradable packaging can greatly reduce the white pollution caused by the non-decomposition of traditional ordinary plastic bags.

Excellent performance: The fully biodegradable plastic bags use starch as the main raw material, the degradation ability is better than other materials, the service life is longer than that of paper bags, and the cost is lower than that of paper bags.

Exquisite and multi-functional: All degradable packaging bags and ordinary plastic bags have the same function except for different components and materials. They can be printed beautifully, in a good size, and can pack many products.

Recycling: All degradable packaging bags are soft, wear-resistant, foldable, with good texture and a long recycling cycle.

3. Jiangsu Sunkeypackaging Company is a manufacturer with 20 years of experience in packaging production. The factory has more than 400 employees, 8 high-speed automatic packaging production lines, and annual sales of 420 million yuan. As an environmental protection factory recognized by the Chinese government, the company has advanced production equipment, ISO 9001:2015 quality management system-iso14001:2015 environmental management system-fssc22000 food safety system, and a mature environmental protection safety assurance system. The goal of all cadres and employees is to make concerted efforts to build Sunkeypackaging into a well-known leading enterprise in the flexible packaging industry, and even a benchmark enterprise that can be inherited!

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