New U Life Begins Its Whole-Body Challenge, Helping Many Transform Their Lives and Businesses

New U Life, a whole-body health and wellness company, started its eight-week, Whole-Body Challenge that began on January 10 and will conclude on March 4. The inventive challenge incorporates personalized goals using network marketing’s most comprehensive transformation solution M*L*T™ and a digital community to give participants multiple tools to reach their optimal health potential.

“The Whole-Body Challenge incentivizes participants to attain their ideal body-shaping and wellness goals through the setting of key health metrics,” says Founder and CEO of New U Life, Alexy Goldstein. “The program also can serve as a helping hand to those looking to build their business through its comprehensive support team and community. No matter what your aims are, we are confident participants will finish the challenge in a better place than where they began.” Aside from the personal transformation achievable through the program, considerable cash prizes are at stake for competitors. The first-place grand prize winners will take home $6,000 in cash. Second place will net $4,000, and third place will pocket $2,000 for their efforts. Even if participants don’t quite make the grand-prize cut, numerous other prizes will be awarded to weekly winners of individual challenges. Regardless of results, there are still plenty of reasons for competitors to stay active with the challenge throughout its eight-week duration.

No matter their individual goals — be they weight loss, muscle gain, or an improved diet — all participants have plenty of opportunities to succeed by persevering through the challenge. They won’t be working alone either, as New U Life’s products and community-building will serve as a support system throughout the challenge. “During the challenge, the participants will use New U Life’s very own M*L*T™ formula to help fuel their progress,” Goldstein explains.

“This innovative product is a transformational solution that not only meets critical nutritional needs but with its clinically studied ingredients, protects lean muscles while helping manage weight and appetite. The naturally sweetened drink can be just the push people need to take control of their diet and enact lasting change from the inside out for long-term betterment” Throughout the eight-week challenge, each week will cover a unique theme. These will highlight key aspects of the program and will be further reinforced with live training, delicious and healthy recipes, and other activities to empower participants long after the challenge ends.

“Additionally, we welcome participants to join the Whole-Body Challenge Facebook page, a community full of inspiring individuals taking part in the challenge, as well,” Goldstein notes.

“Together this support network can help people not just transform their physical body, but enhance their overall quality of life and business connections, as well. A support network like this is invaluable when undertaking a serious commitment and can be an endless source of motivation to keep going when things get tough.” Whether it’s the enticing prizes at stake or the promise of physical transformation, those who decide to step up and meet the challenge will have plenty of reasons to stick with it. New U Life aims more than simply to match people with products that improve their quality of life. The Whole-Body Challenge will leave participants with a community of like-minded individuals and an understanding of their own bodies that will stay with them for years to come.

Once participants receive their two bottles of M*L*T™, they simply need to join the community, and track their progress towards whole-body health.

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New U Life was created to give everyday people the tools they need to raise their quality of life and maintain it for longer. With their team of researchers and wide array of products, they aim to educate the public about health and challenge limiting beliefs about what the human body can do.

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