Curious about microblading? Benefits and pitfalls explained by Team Micro.

Over the last ten years, microblading has established itself as the worlds number one cosmetic procedure.

Never at any point in history has there been a greater diversity and availability of cosmetic procedures for men and women. From dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments, to surgical enhancements and scar concealment, literally millions of people are taking advantage of what’s available.

A form of permanent makeup and ultimately derived from tattooing, primitive versions of microblading have been around for a very long time. However, microblading was effectively reinvented in 2013 when Phi Academy made standardized training courses available to a global market of new technicians, and the term ‘microblading’ became solidified in the public consciousness.

Unlike the majority of permanent makeup procedures, which requires a substantial investment from new would-be artists in multiple training courses and machines, the entry cost for microblading is significantly lower. No machines are required, and training courses are plentiful and competitively priced, making this an attractive entry point into permanent makeup for a much broader range of businesses. As a result, microblading has been added to the service lists of all manner of establishments, from beauty salons and nail bars, as well as first time entrepreneurs looking for a less financially intensive route into the permanent cosmetics industry.

The growth in availability of microblading services has not been without its problems. Poor training and questionable certifications are widespread, and many established artists believe that courses are being mis-sold, often promoted on the basis of potential earnings without mention of the drawbacks of a narrow service portfolio, not least the fact that many prospective clients simply do not make good candidates for microblading, versus traditional permanent makeup for brows that are inherently suitable for a wider clientele.

Ultimately, much like traditional body art tattoos, microblading is an art form, performed by artists. The importance of receiving the same caliber of outcome as is advertised cannot be overstated. These are permanent procedures on a persons face, and an unfortunate consequence of mass availability has been an increasing number of sub-par results, many of which have been featured prominently in the media.

For the majority of recipients, microblading is a hugely positive experience. There are many skilled and talented artists restoring confidence for their clients on a daily basis. The advice, as with all cosmetic procedures, is to conduct thorough research. Check how readily and how positively your chosen artist is reviewed, view their portfolio and ensure all your questions are answered fully before committing to your procedure.

Team Micro are ambassadors for the microblading industry and provide a wealth of information for would-be clients. More information is available at

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