Winter car care tips people should be aware of

1. Replace or add antifreeze in time. In winter, the outdoor temperature is very low. If the vehicle wants to operate normally, it must have enough antifreeze. Otherwise, the water tank will be frozen and the vehicle will fail to circulate normally. Antifreeze should be between MAX and MIX, and should be replenished in time.

2. Change the glass water in advance. In winter, when washing the front windshield with glass water, people must use good quality glass water, so that when washing the glass, it will not freeze. Otherwise will damage the wiper, but also affect the driver’s line of sight.

3. Check whether the oil is enough. Winter in the normal operation of the car, oil plays a great role, before the arrival of winter must carefully see whether the oil gauge is in the normal range. See if people’s car needs an oil change? They can change the oil according to the mileage in the maintenance manual.

4. If the snow is heavy, the car is covered with thick snow, in cleaning the snow on the front windshield, be careful not to blow the glass with sharp tools, especially the wiper, must not open before thawing, otherwise it will break the wiper.

5. Winter driving, not necessarily the original geothermal car, let the car walk slowly hot car, do not fuel the door. Because the viscosity of oil increases in winter, the cycle is very slow, hot car can ensure that the oil of the vehicle, antifreeze operation in place, reduce the wear of the vehicle.

6. Adjust the tire pressure. Winter is cold, try to ensure that the tire air of the car is more than summer, because the tire is easy to heat expansion and cold contraction. It makes driving comfortable and safe.

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