Canadian AI-Based Company SenseNet Launches IoT Solution to Detect and Combat Wildfires

Canadian AI-Based Company SenseNet Launches IoT Solution to Detect and Combat Wildfires
SenseNet Inc. has announced the launch of its newest technology which is designed to detect wildfires before they start

In 2021, the world witnessed over 50,000+ wildfires outbreaks hitting numerous countries. One of the most disastrous wildfires experienced is the Lytton Creek Fire which destroyed 90 percent of Lytton and claimed the lives of two people. Wildfires are becoming more common and more destructive, and mankind needs to find the next generation of solutions to stop them before they begin. Detecting a wildfire before it starts can help improve the chances of combatting the fire.

Existing solutions for detecting wildfires cost a lot of money and are often inaccurate, leading to fewer people wanting them deployed. Canadian AI-based Company SenseNet has developed an AI-powered IoT solution that can detect wildfires before they begin and decrease the amount of property damaged and lives lost to wildfires.

“We developed novel AI and IoT solutions that we can easily apply to any large-scale IoT application,” explained Shahab Bahrami, CTO of SenseNet Inc. “However, we were really concerned about the future of our lives and our children on Earth as they are directly threatened by fires. So, we tried to at least help with early detection to decrease these dangers. A lot of scientists believe that wildfires will be one of the most important dangers of the human race if not the most important one, because there is limited awareness about this and only with disasters like wildfires in California, or Australia, or recently in Lytton, BC which cost several lives.”

With world governments spending billions of dollars and in dire need of solutions to combat wildfire, SenseNet Inc. has provided a viable solution that ensures the early detection of wildfire. The solution comes with AI and sensors with low power consumption and long-range communication that can be installed in the forest to detect a fire even before it produces a flame.

The sensors embedded in SenseNet’s novel IoT solution can detect up to five different environmental parameters in the forest and send the information to other sensors that will relay the data to its cloud server. From there, the company has a sophisticated three-layer AI system that collects millions of data and processes them in real-time and can detect even slice changes in environmental parameters that can be a sign of fire, with almost zero false positives.

Undoubtedly, the SenseNet AI-powered IoT solution for detecting wildfire is the breakthrough that the world, governments, and local municipalities need to curb the overwhelming destruction caused by wildfires.

About SenseNet Inc.

SenseNet Inc. is based in Vancouver, BC, and developed from the University of British Columbia. It comprises a team of electrical, computer, and machine learning scientists committed to building AI and IoT solutions to tackle world problems, especially those pertaining to the environment. The company is led by Hamed Noori, a serial entertainer, engineer, and scientist with Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Eng. from UBC.

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