Advanced implementation of Decentralization: Seener chain launched Seener DAO to gather the key attention of the community

When human development moves from individual to collective, the word “organization” plays a key role in social progress. With the change of time, the power, incentive and communication system has become complex. More and more people with lofty ideals want to build a perfect organizational form. They join more scientific management methods and strive to usher in a completely transparent “DAO”. At the moment, DAO is expanding, and the applied public chain Seener chain effectively combines the original DAO elements to form and launch a comprehensive autonomous community Seener DAO, which is an innovative organization type in the encrypted world and is expected to lead people to the real era of decentralization.


At the time of setting off a new generation of revolution in blockchain, defi, NFT, metaverse and Web3.0 is the development path, which imperceptibly improves the public’s awareness and desire for decentralization. The enthusiasm for encryption is still spreading, and the DAO model takes the market lead by providing a platform for compatibility and interoperability with Ethereum. According to Deep DAO statistics, there are 182 DAO exist in the block chain, these DAO advanced governance model to create an example, most likely to become the foundation of the new public digital infrastructure is high hopes.

What is DAO?

DAO is the abbreviation of decentralized autonomous organization, which means decentralized autonomous organization. In the community governed by DAO, the participants are not only the contributors of the organization but also the core administrators. All operating systems are established on the public chain such as Seener chain. The rules are operated by smart contracts. The autonomous method of removing human factors can maximize fairness and efficiency.

In order to deal with the problem of decentralization, the public chain specially introduces the consensus mechanism. It may be the earliest DAO. For example, bitcoin is an organization composed of miners and nodes. Each node obtains the right to confirm the ledger information by contributing the computing power value, protects the network and promotes the transactions on the chain, so as to complete the process of governance. On this basis, another public chain Ethereum can also improve the network according to the feedback and willingness of nodes to meet the actual needs of users.


(working diagram of the earliest DAO model: example of bitcoin consensus mechanism)

DAO enables like-minded people to unite for the realization of common goals and create a strong sense of belonging with a shared attitude. They can communicate, coordinate and make progress together. This is a structural design that depends more on cultural guidance and is always better than before making profits and obtaining new market share. In the field of encryption, many protocols, including makerDAO, compound and curve, began to embrace DAO and gradually return the decision-making power to the community. This way has been recognized by most participants.

Problems faced by DAO development

There are always some challenges to overcome in the development of things, and DAO is no exception. Although it shows potential in the direction of governance, it still cannot solve all the problems encountered at this stage. Looking back at the blockchain track, the events of decision failure and ineffective communication are still happening. When using tokens for governance voting, the influence of the ownership of tokens by the “whale” will lead to inequality. At the same time, the current threshold for entering DAO is too high, such as discord and collab Tools such as land often take a lot of time to learn, which will create a barrier for enthusiasts who want to join DAO or are already in it.

Generally speaking, the infrastructure development of DAO is relatively simple, especially in terms of decision-making level, voting level, income level and identity level. There is no economy that can be applied to more scenarios. Moreover, for most DAO applications, such as social networking, media, investment, etc., the pass mechanism is generally lack of innovation, and there is no favorable benefit closed loop behind it, so it can not form a joint force in the user retention and incentive model.  Better governance means and meaningful Seener DAO

Blockchain needs better governance means, and constantly advanced DAO may help us achieve a leap. It is a virtual space containing vision and expectation, where anyone can make plans to turn imagination into reality. With vision and ideals, Seener chain, a basic public chain, firmly establishes Seener DAO, which perfectly inherits sound smart contracts and stable ecology, synchronously decentralizes power to contributors and participants, and can assign appropriate tasks to each community member.

Seener DAO pays attention to community co governance. Users are the first in everything. The insightful and high-quality community governance mechanism has attracted more contributors from the outside and continued to participate in it. This is a community where people with common interests learn and grow together for the same values. Seener DAO is actively building a complete service chain to help everyone participate in motions and decisions in the form of ownership.

Both mobility and flexibility after autonomy

Seener DAO is the first DAO community ecology, which aims to build and support Seener chain’s open source ecological developer community, application software stack and ecological governance community. It is easy to use and easy to access, and is open to all people around the world. It gives members holding DAO native tokens the ability to initiate changes to the smart contract and vote to the community at any time, immediately put forward suggestions on the project and investment ideas, and obtain the overall profit share created by the community autonomy and the return on investment after appreciation.


With years of technical experience integrated into various parts and decentralized, Seener DAO has gained mobility and flexibility. Seener chain is the first public chain to propose a heterogeneous composite chain model. Technologies such as NVM virtual machine, Na DFS decentralized storage system, Na DNS decentralized domain name system and N + + programming language have been delivered. It wants to shorten and shorten the distance between development and applications, applications and users. It is good at using the cross-border successful examples of the Internet and blockchain to provide chain change services for traditional corporate applications.

Following the decentralization of architecture, protocol, technology, system, token economy, infrastructure and application, Seener DAO will take over the technology, community and governance of Ser. Every member can participate in any dialogue, decision and process. All transactions and resolutions will be recorded on Seener blockchain and cannot be tampered with, The decision made by Seener DAO is always about how Seener chain can be circulated and adopted on a large scale in real life.

Successful tools

Seener DAO wants to be a complete set of DAO, or reshape the way humans are organized. It provides contributors with the tools they need, uses DAO to govern tokens, and makes collaborative work easier. Seener swap desktop wallet is an intelligent integrated workstation platform that integrates the core functions of wallet, developer store, DAPP store, miner management module, super smart contract development module, DNS management module and decentralized file management module. Through it, many actions of contributors can be carried out on the chain to further ensure the implementation of the process.


(collaboration diagram of Seener DAO)

The three wallet systems provide miners, developers and users with opportunities to manage and trade community cryptocurrency assets. The number of benefits generated by each mining application can be automatically confirmed and confirmed by the number of benefits generated by the mining community. No one can take away all the funds in the community, because it requires the authorization of other members. Seener swap gives ownership to contributors and makes the financial situation of SEENERDAO open and transparent.

The new tool to simplify the daily work of contributors also has a more compact voting mechanism. The online voting tool based on NDFs distributed storage system can quickly implement the results. SEENERDAO has a full discussion before voting, and can be executed accurately and quickly once the voting is completed. This is a channel for sharing ideas and discussing governance suggestions. SEENERDAO tools constitute a huge ecosystem and play a major role in expanding communities, rewarding contributors, stimulating participation and managing resources. 


2022 ushers in the golden age of Seener chain ecological construction. The establishment of SEENERDAO is a tool to measure and reward value creation. Its novel governance mechanism allows participants to fully trust, connect users, form a huge influence, and reach a highly consistent value between the community and users. SEENERDAO provides continuous economic incentives. It organically combines the pass economy, users and liquidity, and launches mining, pledge, airdrop and other activities to achieve long-term benefits. Advocate Web3 The gist of 0. SEENERDAO has a feasible business model. It takes the lead in removing the barriers between centralization, efficiency and expansion, and further promotes the fairness of community development and distribution.


(SEENERDAO # working process diagram)

In the future, SEENERDAO will continue to hold technology competitions, actively participate in hacker marathons, and provide technical support and substantive sponsorship for excellent developers. At the same time, in order to recruit excellent projects to take root in early communities, SEENERDAO will also become a publishing platform that allows token crowdfunding to fund creative projects, providing a good development and ecological environment for various applications. I believe that under the leadership of innovators, SEENERDAO will affect the development of Dao in all aspects and enter a decentralized organizational society.

Reconnect the world with Dao


SEENERDAO´╝îtaking tools, community and ecology as one, and cooperating with the development of Seener chain´╝îembarked on a new journey. With the continuous progress of SEENERDAO, the foundation of decentralized governance will be more and more stable. In the near future, we can see that with SEENERDAO # as the entrance, the cooperation between application agreements begins, and all kinds of lending, trading, asset management and other agreements begin to cooperate, so as to build a rich ecosystem on the chain by means of communication model, governance voting, liquidity guidance and so on.

In this new order, SEENERDAO enhances its governance ability through real-time research and analysis, governance tools and educational content. Advanced technology is also studying tools with higher applicability to eliminate the disadvantages faced by Dao at present. With the joint efforts of all people, SEENERDAO will become more diverse and is likely to create a better cooperation mechanism in the mainstream field and connect the whole world in a more free way.

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