Felix Figueroa Jr. Announces New Book Release on His Story of Overcoming Drug Addiction

The author believes success is found in focusing on the solutions and not the problems

Overcoming a drug addiction is not as easy as it may seem. The struggle involves processes that can break or make a person. Impact Leadership with Felix Figueroa Jr. (now available on Amazon) is the story of a man, who having been introduced to the world of drugs from a young age, battled a life of addiction and self-harm but came out clean on the other side because he sought to change his life for good by becoming humble and teachable.

Felix Figueroa Jr. has been a full-time CNC machinist for eleven years and a part-time network marketer. He’s currently working towards becoming a full-time entrepreneur in direct selling and having his own network marketing company. He is a highly family-oriented, loving, and caring human being who loves to travel the world—thanks to a secret travel club membership. In writing this book—which he dedicates to his mother—he hopes to help someone overcome whatever addiction they might be going through. Talking about his own freedom from the bondage of drugs, he says, “If I can stay clean, so can you. If you are suffering from any type of addiction, the first step is to accept that you have a problem and ask for help. I haven’t used any mind-altering substances since December 25, 2008, and my life has changed for the better. I’m finally free from my own self-imprisonment.”

Figueroa went through many trials and tribulations caused by drugs. From bad drug trips, losing his work, falling into addiction, to landing a state sentence, Figueroa doesn’t hold back on being vulnerable to his readers. Having overcome his addiction, Figueroa shares his determination.

“I learned to focus on the solution and not the problem. I’m doing a lot of self-education these days because I want to improve and upgrade my lifestyle. There’s always room for improvement…it is a lifetime process,” says Figueroa.

Impact Leadership with Felix Figueroa Jr. is a book that will be hard to put down as page after page will take readers through incredible stories of overcoming struggles that seem impossible to overcome. Figueroa’s story is nothing short of inspirational and stunning.

Dr. Carlos Torres, a good friend of Figueroa, shares how he made the best out of a bad situation: “Felix’s story of resiliency has lessons for us all. He has used each of the stories he tells us not as setbacks but as stepping stones that bring him closer toward the beautiful garden of connection and relationships with others. He truly lives by the motto, ‘If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ He has made a lot of delicious lemonade and continues to enrich the lives of the people he meets.”

Spencer Bruce, a machine shop manager, shares about Figueroa’s honest, friendly, and diligent nature: “As the Ivarson Inc. machine shop manager, I want to say that it has been a real pleasure having Felix being a part of our team the last four years. He brings an upbeat, cheerful outlook to our team that has proven to really boost the shop morale. Felix always wishes folks a good morning with a big smile on his face as I walk through to get my day started. He is very generous by nature. Felix has shown good dedication and productivity in his daily tasks. His diligence is second to none, and he always keeps his work area neat and organized. Reliability, along with his leadership, is another positive trait that Felix possesses. When he says he is going to do something, he follows through. I also want to thank Felix for his honesty and support in helping me with process improvement tasks within our facility. His honesty and diligence in helping with our unit and time improvements have not gone unnoticed.”

Impact Leadership with Felix Figueroa Jr. is now for sale on Amazon.

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