Kimberly O’Neill’s New Book Teaches the Path of Success by Focusing Inward to Find Opportunity (FITFO)

The author believes true success can only be achieved when one stops complaining and starts living with intention

There are people who constantly complain about their lives while offering up zero solutions. Handing them a copy of Breakthrough Leadership with Kimberly O’Neill (now available on Amazon) will let them know that if they so choose, they too have the power to figure things out for themselves. The author’s story will motivate all of her readers, complainers and non-complainers alike, to stop, assess, and find solutions to their problems instead of whining, complaining, and feeling like a victim.

Kimberly O’Neill is your basic badass. She is known for her magnetic enthusiasm and has had a dynamic life experience with over twenty years in leadership development and lifestyle transitions. She has championed hundreds of workshops and coached thousands of people to face their fears, obliterate excuses, and level up to reach their goals. O’Neill served in the Air Force and government before transitioning to the network marketing industry, where she leads large teams and coaches individuals to succeed. Commitment to family and service to others led her to entrepreneurship as a speaker, author, and coach. She has inspired audiences and motivates and drives people into action. Passionate about personal growth and mental toughness, she urges her readers to seek motivation from within: “Focus inward, because nobody knows what is best for us more than ourselves. If we listen for it, look for it, and feel for it, we know what decisions are right for us. They may not make sense to other people, and that’s okay.”

According to O’Neill, success looks different for everyone because everyone has their own set of experiences from which they learn and grow. The one thing people must avoid is comparing themselves to others because that will hinder their progress. They instead need to focus on living their best lives so as to inspire and lead others.

“We cannot lead anyone until we can lead ourselves, and living our own lives authentically is one of the best examples we can set for anyone,” says O’Neill.

Breakthrough Leadership with Kimberly O’Neill will present its readers with one story after the other that will teach them to find their true, authentic selves, thereby giving them the necessary tools to lead.

Sandra Serrano, a retired member of the Air Force, comments on O’Neill’s resilient and determined character: “I’ve known Kimi for the last twenty-plus years and have been witness to every one of her evolutions. To say that she is focused and determined to reach her goals is an understatement. Although she’s gone through many hard times, she’s come through to the other side stronger, wiser, and more compassionate. Kimi’s resiliency is complemented by a titanium will, allowing her to adapt and crush any challenge. She’s a conqueror.”

Regarding O’Neill’s ability to work as a team player, Network Marketing Coach Trisha Verzera has this to say: “Kimi is one of the strongest, most driven, competitive, resilient, and people-oriented individuals I know. When we started working together, she was a recent Air Force veteran and MBA graduate, a successful government employee, a new mother, and an aspiring entrepreneur. When her transition to full-time entrepreneurship didn’t go as planned, she was able to step back, evaluate the situation objectively, then develop and execute solutions to make it work anyway. In situations where most people tend to get stuck, Kimi keeps moving forward. Experiencing, enduring, and ultimately overcoming difficult and painful challenges is what drives her passion for helping others. Her ability to share and communicate her experiences are key factors that make her so relatable to other people. No matter how many things she has on her plate, she always manages to juggle it all while still making people feel valued and important.”

Breakthrough Leadership with Kimberly O’Neill is now for sale on Amazon.

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