Slow fashion products with a soul: Peanuts In Wonderland provides a full-line of unique handmade and sustainable goods born into mother nature

Peanuts In Wonderland is making a difference in the world by supporting local artisans and workers through their unique marketplace for handmade items from around the world.

Peanuts In Wonderland offers a variety of handmade products born into mother nature and aimed at creating a new feeling. It is a marketplace for unique fashion products made from sustainable goods from all around the world. “We believe in easy access to things that are good for our mind, body, and spirit, but also good and respectful of our planet. Our goal is to make it easy for you to buy these handmade goods. We try to support local artisans and workers in developing countries as well as promote sustainable working practices, so we all have a future on this beautiful planet.”

Founded in 2019, Peanuts In Wonderland started as an idea that blossomed in the minds of its two founders into the brand it is today. Through their love of travel and appreciation for diverse cultures, the founders discovered unique goods that they wanted to introduce to the world. They began working with artisans from many parts of the globe to create unique products. That later grew into the Peanuts In Wonderland marketplace. The goal is to give visibility to artisans and workers who are environmentally conscious and making a difference for the planet. “We believe that handmade items represent the cultures they come from in a much more authentic way than factory-made products.”

Goods sold on Peanuts In Wonderland represent the places where they were made and are better in quality and more durable. By supporting local workers and artisans in developing countries, Peanuts In Wonderland is making its contribution towards environmental preservation. The brand is also working on plans to offset its carbon footprint. Many artisans devote part of their profits to charities and movements that champion environmental conservation.

As part of the sustainable and slow fashion movement, Peanuts In Wonderland encourages people to buy less but buy better. This means that people access quality and durable products that they don’t need to keep replacing. Buying from Peanuts In Wonderland is a surety that the products are beautiful, handmade, high-quality, and sustainable. “Buying handmade items supports the local economy of the artisan and also promotes traditional skills that might otherwise be lost. We love that every item in our store has a unique story behind it.”

The search for these unique, handmade, and sustainable products is a daily toil that the Peanuts In Wonderland team has devoted itself to. Thanks to these efforts, Peanuts In Wonderland is a trusted source for unique handmade items sourced from around the globe. Their website is a dream for people interested in slow fashion and sustainable products. People can also learn more about handmade products, slow fashion, sustainability, and more on the Peanuts In Wonderland blog. Products sold by Peanuts In Wonderland have received a lot of praise from customers. They make incredible gifts and incorporate elements of creativity, culture, and quality. 

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