Best Burn Firewood is keeping Wisconsin warm this winter with its clean, seasoned, kiln dried firewood

Best Burn Firewood is helping Wisconsin residents stay warm this winter while saving them time and money with its clean, seasoned, kiln dried firewood.

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Best Burn Firewood services southeastern Wisconsin and Waukesha and Milwaukee counties. Its certified kiln dried firewood is free from bugs, mold, disease, and debris, guaranteed to light immediately and burn 40% hotter than air-dried standard firewood owing to its low moisture content.

“Firewood is a huge deal in southeastern Wisconsin, and we know it. Growing up in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the main source of heat for our home was firewood, which my brother and I would gather for our parents. Even today, we both use wood burning furnaces to heat our homes, so we have a first-hand understanding of what other firewood users need and what a struggle it can be to source quality clean, dry wood for home use,” explains Tyler, co-founder of Best Burn.

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“Purchasing poor quality wood can mean wasting ages trying to start a fire that doesn’t burn that well or produce much heat once lit, putting up with bugs crawling around your house as they escape the hissing green logs, or having to sweep up the ton of dirt and debris left in your driveway after each delivery,” continues Tyler.

“That’s why we decided to do things differently when we established our Wisconsin firewood delivery company. For starters, all our firewood is kiln dried to ensure it has a moisture content level of less than 20% – the accepted maximum moisture level for firewood to burn effectively.”

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It normally takes a good twelve months for wood to naturally air dry but Best Burn’s industry-leading kiln can turn green firewood into seasoned firewood – with a moisture content below 15% – in three to four days.

“Our kiln runs 24/7/365 and reaches over 270 degrees baking all the moisture out of the wood and ensuring it comes out bug, mold, and disease free. What’s more, instead of scooping wood directly from the pile into the kiln, we invested in a tumbler that literally removes all unwanted dirt, debris, gravel, and loose bark. We even go the extra step, hand picking and loading every delivery, so you not only get clean firewood, but you get the exact amount that you ordered.”

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“No more wasting time struggling to light freshly split logs full of moisture. We guarantee our 100% Wisconsin firewood will light instantly, produce less smoke and creosote chemicals, and burn longer and stronger than any other firewood,” adds Tyler.

Best Burn Firewood gets its wood from Wisconsin logging companies undertaking huge land clearing projects and other local sources. It carries many types of wood including mixed hardwoods, oak, cherry, hickory, and black locust. 

“You can call us anytime, we always have stock of seasoned firewood for sale. We also offer stacking on request. We work hard so you can ward off the big mid-winter freeze, enjoy your backyard barbecue or any other occasion that calls for high quality, clean-burning Wisconsin firewood,” concludes Tyler.

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Best Burn Firewood is a firewood delivery company based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Best Burn was founded in 2016 by Tyler and Brady, two brothers with a passion for the environment, the great outdoors, and their local community. The company services southeastern Wisconsin and Waukesha and Milwaukee counties. Its kiln dried firewood is free from bugs, mold, disease, and debris, guaranteed to light immediately and burn 40% hotter than air-dried standard firewood.

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