Balanced Body Functional Medicine Announces its Top Services

Balanced Body Functional Medicine’s press release does an impressive job of introducing its variety of medical services to the public.

Sugar Land, TX – Balanced Body Functional Medicine, a premier medical company based in Brisbane Ct., Sugar Land, TX, recently disclosed its clients’ services. In addition, the company cited that it took this approach to outline its services to the general public to make them aware of what might benefit them. It further specified that people often undergo many health problems that require medical experts to diagnose and treat them effectively, noting that the company has the right people for that job. 

Balanced Body Functional Medicine pointed out that they offer many services that are not familiar to the general public. It noted that the public would be better positioned to assess their situation and go for the proper treatment if they need it by pointing out these services. For example, the company pointed out that they offer the following: Ozone treatment, intestinal health treatment, detoxification of heavy metal and environmental toxins, adrenal fatigue, genomix nutrition, genetic testing, micronutrient testing, and IV nutrition therapy, nutraceutical eStore, Oshot, Houston hyperbarics, Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and many more. 

Balanced Body Functional Medicine was keen to note that the services mentioned above are just some of the services offered at the medical facility and that health is a broad topic that cannot be limited to a few examples. So it went ahead and volunteered to dig deeper into one of its renowned procedures; the Ozone Treatment. 

Through one of its specialists, Balanced Body Functional Medicine, mentioned that they have the equipment and expertise to offer top-notch ozone treatment. In addition, the medical practitioner pointed out that ozone treatment is a complex procedure that converts oxygen (O2) to O3 form, which is useful in treating a wide range of diseases. The company gave several examples of diseases that this treatment can treat to elaborate on this.

The company cited that ozone can be injected into joints and muscles to boost functionality and eradicate pain, especially for people with osteoarthritis. It also introduced the public to the ten-pass hyperbaric ozone treatment involving drawing some blood, infusing it with ozone gas, and injecting it into the body. The company pointed out that this procedure is vital for people suffering from chronic infections, heart disease, skin disease, arthritis, or those needing a powerful anti-aging treatment. In addition to these diseases, the company noted that other conditions treatable by ozone include chronic wounds and rectal and bladder insufflation.

About Balanced Body Functional Medicine

Balanced Body Functional Medicine was founded by renowned Dr. Julia Ward, a medical practitioner who realized that most health complaints were caused by inflammatory diets, hormonal imbalances, environmental toxicity, poor intestinal health, and lifestyle-related issues. The company came up with a solution to make patients have a healthier and more youthful look, making them feel their best. The company now offers a wide range of treatments to transform the lives of people throughout East Texas.

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