Legends of Shimrah: Saffrodel Silverstream is out: A new and original fantasy novel that will delight its readers with its world-building and in-depth characters. 

Legends of Shimrah is an epic tale that will make you fall in love with its utopian world where extremely attractive beings, in both appearance and character, live to their fullest potential.

Shimrans, undeterred by the rapidly advancing dystopian darkness within the universe, stride forward on the quest of knowledge of their own beings and their greater purpose in an existence, incredibly extensive and beyond even their wildest imaginations. Their quest of life, weaves them through the many powers and purposes of Love itself.

The chivalrous and admirable characters and plot make this mystical universe, extremely real, more than the reader could ever imagine. The setting and atmosphere, envision an example of a place where beauty, love, magic, and wonder, exist to their fullest.

Guided by the Shimrans, the story will settle you in with the world and how it works. The attention to detail will ensnare your senses to no end and will ultimately leave you wanting for more. Destiny, fate, and reality will all intertwine and give you a unique experience yet will also comfort you with the many fantasy tropes of old. The lure and lore of the world is extremely engaging as Shimrans intertwine with unisis, dragons. Caladri and others creatures unheard of.  The astonishing and original nature and centres of a Shimran being is shown to be immensely powerful. The immensity corresponds to each Shimran year lived to equal the power of a twenty-five centient years’ worth of energies.

Nadha Zar was incredibly imaginative even as a child and had clearcut ideals of right and wrong. She had never been afraid to be herself and even in a world of full of overwhelming odds.

She loved and fascilitated her own exposure to the arts, adding to her overall creativity as an artist. She indulged in martial arts, dancing, singing, poetry, crafting, learning of cultures and histories and whatever else that took her fancy.

Even from a young age, she had a knack for storytelling as her family members would often sit around her to listen to her stories. She loves beauty in all its many forms and kinds and she has trained herself to look for it in the most unlikely places, for this is where its recognition is required and most appreciated.

She learned early to place importance on the people around her as she knew what truly mattered in life. The positivity of her character towards life was the bedrock for her writing the epic tale that is Legends of Shimrah. She is also someone who would stand up for herself and others through her words. Legends of Shimrah is not just a fantasy novel, it has an hidden message to the world to be guessed by her readers.

Nadha Zar has today blossomed to be lady of compassion, fervour and love in everything she says and does. Legends of Shimrah is the product of her unending imagination and her deeper, secret motive and agenda that would remain a mystery till the end of the series.

Her legacy will continue within her books as they are the gift of her cherished husband’s encouragement and her treasured childrens’ love for her.

Writer Nadha Zar imagined a great story, and a universe unlike any other, filled with hope, love and redemption – A second chance at an existence, deemed to be lost. An amazing read with a cast full of colourful characters, brimming with the life, she has produced an Epic fantasy, with an enticing plot to keep readers turning pages; if you’re looking for a fantasy that hearkens back to the classics while invoking a young adult’s imagination, fearlessness, chivalry and sacrifice – Legends of Shimrah: Saffrodel Silverstream is the book for you!

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