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FVM is a long-waited event in the Filecoin ecosystem, taking Filecoin one step further from being a Web 3.0 storage infrastructure and soon to become a public chain. This public chain is different from other public chains because it contains content. This is something that no public chain can do at present. Then, the smart contracts running on it will also have a different world. People may see a big change in the shape of DAPPs due to the support of Filecoin FVM, extending from the current digital game type (e.g. DeFi) light content applications to content-related content. It is only in the decentralized realm that applications such as rights verification and traceability can be truly realized.

What is FVM?

The Filecoin network is a robust platform that stores and provides access to NFTs, public datasets, web3 and meta-universe resources, etc., in a verifiable manner. People can think of it as the I/O layer of web3, but that’s only one aspect of it. By introducing programmability to the Filecoin network, more amazing value and potential can be unlocked. Adding a compute layer on top of storage would also open up new trust-independent cross-chain interoperability and integration dimensions.

It is also very useful for most NFT applications that have become very popular recently. The NFT data is stored in a centralized storage system or within an IPFS network. To ensure that the IPFS network will store NFT data, often project parties need to run their IPFS nodes or pay a storage provider with a quality-of-service guarantee. But in an IPFS + Filecoin system, verifiable NFT data is a Piece of Data (Piece) in Filecoin storage China, which is tied to a transaction that is readily verifiable and has a quality-of-service guarantee. At the same time, the contract can directly refer to this data so that the data and the calculation on it, the transaction to achieve unity.

Filecoin, as a storage infrastructure, mainly solves the problem of decentralized storage and storage proof and verification. Filecoin’s foothold also lies in this. Therefore, FVM will not compete with other chains in terms of TPS, at least not in the short to medium term. If Filecoin goes through a good development, it can develop Layer 2 or side chains again, thus achieving a significant increase in TPS. However, this is not a major consideration at the moment. Therefore, users are interested in FVM and Filecoin smart contracts need to focus more on the differentiation of Filecoin’s storage application and look for opportunities to consider developing applications from Filecoin’s innovative consensus mechanism. This can be considered very much, so it is worth throwing in the towel again here.

ORIGIN storage provides effective storage solutions for NFT

ORIGIN Storage, a Web 3.0 distributed storage infrastructure service platform with a long-term focus on IPFS and Filecoin storage, uses IPFS and Filecoin to provide secure, easy-to-use, and efficient decentralized storage solutions for NFT project developers. If users use ORIGIN Storage, NFT project developers can deploy dedicated IPFS nodes to access IPFS networks with “one click” and store files conveniently on the network. This brings great convenience for NFT developers to easily access IPFS networks. At the same time, users can easily address content on the IPFS network. All in all, a secure, permanent and convenient storage solution for NFT developers.

FVM is a milestone for Filecoin and a step forward for Web3.

Filecoin’s FVM implementation is expected to enter the main net by the end of the first quarter of this year. Still, it will take another quarter or so to achieve support for user-programmable contracts, which means that it will take about two more quarters to write smart contracts on Filecoin. During these two quarters, interested users can actively participate in the FVM Foundry, which is a platform for everyone to communicate and contribute, as well as financial support for those who join. At this time, the more people participate, the completer and more efficient the construction of FVM is likely to be. Moreover, for the pre-participants, if there is some idea of building smart contracts inside, there can be some design from the interface design and SDK support or provide the necessary tool support.

Filecoin has built the storage infrastructure for Web3, and the introduction of FVM Is to lay the platform further and provide convenience on top of these infrastructures so that Web3 applications can be built more easily. More developers are welcome to join this ecology.

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