Dr. Alicia Armitstead of Healing Arts Explains Muscle Testing and What It Can Reveal About The Body

Dr. Alicia Armistead Explains How Muscle Testing Can Help People To Understand and Address Issues With Their Bodies.

Healing Arts is a New York City wellness destination that offers many treatments from massage to anti-ageing treatments. Their goal is to help as many people as possible reach and maintain their optimal health. However, one treatment that stands out from the rest is muscle testing. Dr. Alicia Armitstead the Founder of Healing Arts discusses the benefits of muscle testing and how it can help people to better understand their bodies.

What is Muscle Testing?

Healing Arts uses muscle testing to determine if an organ is weak or strong. If an organ tests weak it doesn’t mean it is diseased but rather it isn’t functioning 100%. This is functional medicine, helping the body before it gets to the diseased state. Once an organ is tested weak then further muscle testing is done to determine what the underlying issue may be.

How does it work?

Once the muscle testing reveals what organ is priority then homeopathic vials are used in the testing to reveal what toxins need to be detoxed. Toxins that are muscle tested include heavy metals, alcohol, tobacco, food and so much more. In this way the Healing Arts team can start to decipher what the cause of a person’s symptoms (eczema, weight gain, fatigue) could be. Once they know what toxins are affecting the body, clients can start to detox from them. Supplements are muscle tested to support the detox and organs. Dr. Armitstead says “I use supplements that come from an organic farm in Wisconsin called Standard Process. These supplements are whole food supplements. The body knows how to heal with food.” Muscle testing is often used by people who have tried everything prescribed by their doctor, but their health concern remains. By using the body’s energy, the Healing Arts team can find what the body is actually asking for.

How can it help?

Muscle testing can help anyone who has symptoms such as acne, headaches, digestive issues and more to understand what is actually causing these issues and once the root cause is addressed symptoms can go away for good. Even if someone lives a healthy lifestyle, it is estimated that on average Americans are exposed to over 700,000 different toxic chemicals every day. If people can identify which of these chemicals are negatively affecting their health and what nutrients can make their body stronger, they can start to focus on removing the toxins and welcoming what their body needs to heal. The body is amazing at knowing what it needs. Muscle testing is a tool to communicate with the body and determine what it needs to rebuild and restore health. That is why Dr. Armitstead says, “muscle testing is a way to design a personal nutrition program specifically for you and your health.”

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