Dr. Sylvia Kampshoff, founder and CEO of Kanthaka, an on-demand personal trainer app, talks about the benefits of One-on-One Yoga for mental health.

The one-on-one training by Kanthaka offers one on one in person at home yoga sessions as well as one on one live virtually to help people enjoy the physical and mental benefits of yoga.

Yoga is often known for its physical benefits, ranging from flexibility to building strength. However, the benefits of yoga for mental health have not been discussed enough. Dr. Kampshoff explains that yoga is not just about physical poses; it also offers unique self-disciplinary and contemplative exercises like breath work, selfless action, meditation, and more.

Dr. Kampshoff created Kanthaka, a platform she refers to as “Uber for personal trainers,” to give people access to personal trainers that can fit around their schedules. “I started Kanthaka when I still worked crazy hours as an M&A attorney, and I had two young kids. I still wanted to work out, and having somebody to motivate me and I wanted them to come to me and workout with me on my schedule, and there was no tool out there to do so.” 

Kanthaka makes one-on-one personal training easy. People can find a personal trainer via the Kanthaka app and schedule workouts around their work and wherever they are. The platform also allows for virtual private yoga classes and operates in 16 cities across the United States.

With an in-home personal trainer, users of Kanthaka can experience the profound benefits of yoga and take their wellness journey to the next level. Dr. Kampshoff explains that yoga helps people relieve stress and tension in their bodies. The fluidity of yoga allows people to better sort and manage their emotions, thereby improving their mental health. Practicing yoga helps maintain a healthier weight, become more flexible, improve muscle tone, and boost mental wellbeing.

With a one-on-one personal trainer, it is easier to stay motivated than working out alone, you will gain the accountability you are looking for. Kanthaka highly vets their personal trainers to ensure professionalism and quality of service and lessons. Their personal trainers spend time formulating workout routines suited for each client.

The Kanthaka app has many other features that make it possible to track and save the progress of the user. Meaning that if they switch trainers, they can pick up where they left off with a new trainer. “The luxury of your own trainer shouldn’t be limited. That is why we are active throughout the US, continuously adding new cities.”

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