The Bear Chair Company Offers Quality-backed Muskoka Chair Kits

The Bear Chair Company Offers Quality-backed Muskoka Chair Kits

The Bear Chair Company is a company that was founded in 1987 by Dave Wright, who saw a great opportunity in creating an easy to assemble Muskoka chair kit. Easy in the sense that anyone can build in the comfort of their own homes. Their inventory does not end at just Muskoka chair kits. They also offer a comprehensive collection of top-quality tables and accessories available in Northern White Pine and Western Red Cedar. They are headquartered out of the gorgeous South River, Ontario, on the borders of Algonquin Park.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, “One of the most common materials used in creating Muskoka chairs and other furniture is pine. This is a beautiful and well-loved wood for numerous reasons, and it has a lot of positive features that are worth knowing about when it comes to making Muskoka chairs and other furniture. For one thing, pine is distinctive for its knots, which helps to give an item of furniture an old-world and sophisticated look.”

In need of a pine Muskoka chair kit? The Bear Chair Company is the best place for top-quality pine Muskoka chair kit. They typically offer the BC101 Muskoka chair model kit that features slimmed-down arms and a more compact overall size. The model is a little sibling of their classic BC201, another Muskoka chair kit collection. It is made using the Eastern White Pine and thus provides all the comforts that the BC201 offers with adequate space and pocket-friendliness in mind. On purchase, the BC101 Muskoka chair model is always packaged in one with the assembly required. All necessary hardware is always included in the box. The hardware is usually triple plated with zinc di-chromate. In addition, all parts of the Muskoka chair are pre-drilled and sanded.

The company spokesperson added, “It is a very softwood, which is why it is used much more in creating beautiful items of furniture than in structural aspects to buildings and so on. Its color and ability to withstand different temperatures make it a great choice for Muskoka chairs. For more insight, clients can contact us.”

Furthermore, clients should not worry about assembling the Muskoka chair as The Bear Chair Company always ship their products with assembly and finishing instructions. The model is easy to build quickly, and it can do an excellent project for clients and their entire families to do together. Additionally, the BC101 Muskoka chair kit can be painted or stained depending on a client’s choice. If it is not to be delivered as stained, it will be painted silver or grey. The product is available across Canada and the United States, and Europe. So, to purchase wooden chair kits, clients should consider contacting the company. All their Muskoka chair kit are sleek with an eye-catching design.

About The Bear Chair Company

The Bear Chair Company is a company that majors in making Muskoka chairs that combines quality, simplicity, and comfort. They have over 25 years of experience in the industry, and thus with them, clients are assured of receiving well-refined Muskoka chairs that will meet their needs.

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