PNOE, the turn-key solution that every doctor needs to elevate their business and lead clients to better health.

PNOĒ, an integrative health optimization program that addresses cardio-metabolic disease through breath analysis, is helping doctors grow their virtual and physical business.

The medical industry has been trying to shift the existing health delivery systems to focus on preventative care rather than sick care. Despite this being a subject of discussion for more than two decades, preventive care remains largely wanting. 

PNOĒ changes that through its complete solution, allowing any medical practice to seamlessly integrate a complete lifestyle optimization and disease prevention program. It achieves that by equipping doctors with a clinical-grade metabolic analyzer and an out-of-the-box program for optimizing nutrition and lifestyle. 

The problem PNOĒ’s solution addresses is dire. Despite the well-established necessity of making lifestyle modification part of one’s care, very few doctors do so. More than 800 million office-based physician visits happen every year, but only a tiny portion includes any sort of program focused on eating, moving, and sleeping better. As a result, the care one receives is unlikely to meaningfully protect against any conditions that cause long-term health and financial problems. These include diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory syndromes (e.g., COPD). 

Although most doctors recognize the need to offer lifestyle optimization as part of their care, they fail to do so due to a lack of time, resources, and support. They simply don’t have the time to hire for new specialties, bring in new software, and start using tools necessary for delivering an effective prevention program. 

PNOĒ’s solution tackles all these problems through a package that includes the PNOĒ metabolic analysis system, software for automated results interpretation, and an out-of-the-box lifestyle optimization and nutrition program. 

PNOĒ’s technology has been independently validated by a committee from Rutgers Univesity, Georgetown University, and the VA in Maryland

The PNOE metabolic analyzer provides a clinical-grade analysis of a person’s metabolic, cardiovascular, and pulmonary systems. Metabolic analysis is the most powerful test for early detecting predisposition for every major chronic condition. According to the American Heart Association, it also provides the most powerful predictor of longevity, and for more than 100 years, it has been the gold standard for personalizing nutrition, training, and recovery programs. Until recently, getting such a test was cumbersome and expensive, but PNOĒ made it economical and straightforward while maintaining clinical-grade accuracy.  

However, no matter how insightful a test is, it can not lead one to better health unless it’s coupled with a program that will help eliminate bad habits and adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle for everyday life. However, the average doctor doesn’t have the time or resources to put such a program together. 

PNOĒ also addresses this problem by offering the first out-of-the-box lifestyle optimization program that is white-labeled with the health professionals’ practice. The package includes the following critical elements:

–  The PNOĒ Precision software: It’s the first all-in-one tracker that allows one to track and guide their nutrition, activity, and recovery in one platform while keeping their health professional automatically up-to-date.

–  Automated Metabolic Analysis: Metabolic testing is one of the most detailed assessments to analyze as it simultaneously collects 12 biomarkers related to the heart, lungs, cells, brain, and posture. Its quantitative rigor has long stood in the way of wide adoption. PNOĒ’s AI supported by a network of certified metabolic experts turns the analysis of a person’s metabolism and prescription of personalized nutrition, training, and recovery regimens into a one-click process. 

–  Reimbursable nutrition and lifestyle counseling: Although nutrition counseling is reimbursable for millions of Americans, its complex billing processes and red tape have kept most practices from offering it. PNOĒ’s network of health professionals and streamlined billing processes makes insurance-covered wellness and preventative services plug and play. 

Overall, PNOĒ makes it easy for doctors to become trendsetters in fitness and health, offering clients the best possible service. To date, it has helped 40,000+ individuals achieve better health, from world champions to everyday people, and secured its spot as a world leader in exercise programming, disease diagnosis, and nutrition. It supports 1000+ facilities in providing personalized programs and has been a source of continuing education for all kinds of doctors.

Making lifestyle optimization a standard of care in every medical practice isn’t just good for business; it’s a necessity for the economy and an ethical obligation for every doctor. PNOĒ makes it easier than ever, allowing every health professional to grow their business and make people healthier. 

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