DUDE Wipes Declared War on Toilet Paper – Now They’ve Wiped Over a Billion Rears

DUDE Wipes have wiped over a billion butts, making them the fastest-growing flushable wipe brand in the world.

Six years ago, they were standing on the set of Shark Tank trying to convince a billionaire that flushable wet wipes were the future of male hygiene.

Today, they’ve wiped over a billion butts, making them the fastest-growing flushable wipe brand in the world.

Remember when COVID hit and people were so desperate for toilet paper they were fighting over the last rolls in stores across the country? Yeah, fun times. The silver lining of that debacle was that it made people realize how ineffective and inefficient TP always was.

The TP shortage was their chance to help everyone upgrade their wiping game, and it paid off. By the end of March 2020, DUDE Wipes surpassed their total ecommerce revenue for the year prior. And when 2020 ended, their gross revenue totaled $40 million — 158% more than 2019.

The haters were quick to call DUDE Wipes’ success a fluke and predicted their numbers would flat-line. They heard it all, even from so-called experts at venture capital firms:

They’ll never have a year like that again.

It’s just a fad, not a sustainable trend.

Are you kidding me? They can’t compete with big toilet paper long term.

After some lengthy discussions, they decided those people could take their spreadsheets and shove ‘em right where they wipe with sandy two-ply. They didn’t just maintain our sales, they grew 81% year-over-year.

On top of that, they passed Cottonelle and Charmin to become the top-selling flushable wipe on Amazon.

The founders once overheard in a college business class that, “customers speak with their wallets.” Well, the people have spoken and they want DUDE Wipes to wipe their rears every day.

If someone grinds hard enough and long enough, somebody will take a chance on you. For DUDE Wipes, that was in 2015 when Kroger let them pitch our little-known brand to their toilet paper buyer.

Since they aced the pitch and executed the nationwide rollout, DUDE Wipes made serving Kroger a top priority and in the past two years alone, sales were up 179%.

In addition to Kroger, you’ll find DUDE Wipes at more than 15,000 retail locations including Sam’s Club, Meijer, Jewel, Target, and Walmart. Bottom line: they’re taking over the toilet paper aisles in your favorite stores.

They’ve even wiped some famous butts over the years, including PGA golfers, Olympians, professional gamers, UFC fighters, and NASCAR drivers. They’re even the official wipe of a Major League Soccer Team!

If a few dudes in an apartment can disrupt a $10 billion industry from their apartment, anyone can achieve their goals too. To upgrade your wipe game and keep it fresh, check out DUDEWipes.com.

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