The Booming DIY Skincare Industry

The Booming DIY Skincare Industry

“Mary Tylor Naturals has an incredible supply of 100% Pure ‘Better Ingredients for a Better Life!’ beeswax, body butters, carrier oils, essential oils, massage oils, natural bar soaps, and more to really get your DIY creations off to the best start!”

Many people have been making a move back to some natural ways of their skin care regiment in recent years and breaking up with store-bought, commercial products.  The DIY Skincare Industry is beaming with tons and tons of recipes, and formulations to help us lovingly create cleansers, toners, masks, moisturizers, lotions, washes, scrubs, body butters, etc.  The mainstream move in this direction was motivated, in part, by the fact that many people were confined to their homes during the 2020+ pandemic.  They were looking for something to entertain themselves with, while they were suddenly “forced” into isolation. As well as the awareness of toxic/carcinogenic ingredients (like propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum (by-products), parabens, etc.) that have alarming side effects, such as endocrine/hormonal disruptions, infertility, dermatitis, and cancer to name a few, is starting to emerge in the collective.  A huge percentage of these toxic, unpronounceable ingredients are absorbed through the bodies largest organ and straight into the blood stream, bypassing our natural filtration system (liver & kidneys). 

The first thought after deciding to handmake a skincare product for oneself, is WHERE will you purchase the best, most pure, ingredients for your budget! There are so many options on the market to choose from.  Our personal FAVORITE is Mary Tylor Naturals.  They have a great selection of essential oils, carrier oils, body butters, and so much more that are just perfect for the DIY’er!  

So how do you know where to start?

ONE would be to make sure you are purchasing from companies who adhere to Fair Trade practices.  What is this one may ask?  Well, it is a commitment to only doing business with other business along the supply chain, from raw material to the end product you are purchasing, who’s practices include fair wages for workers, ethical working conditions (no sweat shops, no child labor, no life threatening/unsafe working environments), transparency throughout the supply chain.  Fair Trade practices are the basis for ethical companies and organizations.

TWO would be to make sure the ingredients are pure and natural! Some of the market is flooded with diluted versions and only “so much” of the actual ingredient in question.  Carrier oils may be added to essential oils (click HERE to discover what exactly are Essential Oils), cheaper carrier oils may be used to dilute more expensive carrier oils, etc.  There isn’t a standardization within the Industry that governs the words Pure nor Natural. So it really is up to the honesty of each company to comply with the definitions of the words they choose to use on their labels.  There are third party testings that can be done on ingredients to verify their chemical makeup and if there is anything that’s not supposed to be there.  Do your research on your ingredients and make sure you are purchasing from reputable companies.

THREE would be to look for no animal testing (where applicable, and the skincare industry certainly IS one of those areas where it IS applicable to avoid animal testing).  “Cruelty-Free-Not Tested on Animals” is another phrase to look out for.  There have been many rules, regulations, and laws passed regarding animal testing for cosmetics world-wide over the decades.  Check out THIS website for more info on the details of animal testing, the progress made, and work still to be done to protect other sentient beings.

FOUR would be to make sure the packaging is recyclable or reusable.  A huge overlooked part of any industry is the wastes it produces, from production to the packaging and shipping to your home.  One area the consumer can really make an immediate impact is to recycle any packaging you can in its proper recycling reciprocal, and reuse bottles and containers when possible.  While this seems like a very small thing, it can have a very big impact when multiplied by hundreds of thousands to millions of products.  

So here we are, a very healthy immerging DIY Skincare Industry to put the control of “what goes on/in our bodies” in the hands of the end user/consumer.  What a powerful position to be in, in this day and age, taking charge of ones health in small but significant ways.

Mary Tylor Naturals has an incredible supply of 100% Pure ‘Better Ingredients for a Better Life!’ beeswax, body butters, carrier oils, essential oils, massage oils, natural bar soaps, and more to really get your DIY creations off to the best start!

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