Privileges of Chirpley’s Ambassador Program

Chirpley is the new Web 3.0 influencer marketplace that enables end-to-end automated influencing campaigns through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology.

The decentralized platform redefines the influencer ecosystem by operating entirely in the interest of its end users: nano and micro-influencers and the marketers who need them.

Chirpley is a platform that was created with the goal of forming a decentralized organization that works solely for the benefit of small influencers and marketers. It uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate campaigns to make them more time and cost-efficient.

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The bridge between two worlds

Since the launch of Chirpley’s initiative into Influencer Marketing, Chirpley has had active individuals in its community social channels who drive adoption. Whether it is keeping the community up to date, writing blog posts, or educating new members about the Chirpley project, they have helped promote Chirpley and spread awareness.

As a way to motivate and recognize these members in the Chirpley community, Chirpley will be selecting individuals to serve as Chirpley Ambassadors.

Chirpley is establishing its Ambassador Program to provide a more substantial and noticeable method for the community to interact and contribute to our growth. Chirpley has hit and exceeded a lot of milestones in terms of followers, wallets, and transactions, and Chirpley thinks it’s finally time for the community to be a part of this initiative.

Ambassador privileges

  • Eligible for CHIRP Tokens as compensation based on criteria set
  • Ambassador status on the Discord Server and Telegram Channels
  • Exclusive Ambassador Channel on Discord and Telegram for invite-only members
  • Gain insight to our project’s roadmap from behind the scenes
  • Increased participation in project decision-making by offering direct feedback to core team members

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Chirpley’s ambassadors will assist new users in understanding and acclimating to our present and future products, as well as the wider ecosystem. This is crucial because Chirpley will be releasing a slew of new products in the coming months, so their guidance to new users will be quite useful as the ecosystem grows.

Learn more about Chirpley through its official website and get to know more about what it has to offer, the future of Chirpley, and its plans moving forward.











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