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Realtor Laura Parker shares how the current world instability is changing the Bay Area’s housing market.

Everyone deserves to find their dream home. While some get it right at the first try, others have the opportunity to explore different places as they find the perfect location they would like to settle down in. It is a known fact that there are a lot of considerations when buying a real estate property, it can both be exciting and frustrating at the same time. Fortunately, for those in the Bay Area, Laura Parker is always ready to be of service.

Laura Parker is known to be a passionate and tireless realtor as she consistently helps her clients get everything that they desire in a property around Menlo Park and other Peninsula cities. She has always made finding the dream home an easy and convenient process for her clients. She is a strong believer of perfect timing but as the world is experiencing an instability change, Laura Parker is encouraging people to sell or seek properties now. She said, “If you are thinking about selling, this might be the best time for a long time!”

With the recent events that surround the world, especially the war in Ukraine, there has been an overwhelming increase in inflation and gas prices. Of course, these happenings raises an uncertainty over the future since it has a high potential of impacting various industries such as the stock market, investment portfolios, and the housing market. The fate of these industries on whether or not prices will continue to move upward or revert back to normal is largely dependent on how these issues will be resolved, especially since the trends are showing a possibility of a recession.

With this in mind, Laura Parker wants her clients to be able to make the most out of the current situation, especially if they are looking to buy a house or sell their current homes in the Bay Area. This is a big financial commitment and because of the current state of the economy, it might be best to start transactions now while the prices haven’t crashed or drastically increased yet. Rents, home prices, and mortgage rates may continue rising or can unexpectedly crash, and there’s only so much that both buyers and sellers can afford.

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Laura Parker is a San Francisco native and mother of five. She loves to help her clients find their dream home or sell their current one when it’s time to find the next chapter.

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