Endangerednfts Leverages The Power Of NFTs To Save Endangered Species Around The World

With an increasing number of climate change reports emerging that signal a ‘red alert’ for the planet, the need to protect biodiversity and natural capital is intensifying. As the issue grows in complexity, the role that financial technology can play in identifying solutions is being explored more and more. 

A new NFT initiative is attempting to do just that. EndangeredNFTs, a new NFT startup, is putting animal conservation at the heart of its mission. The new project focuses on protecting populations of some of the world’s most ecologically, economically, and culturally important species—the survival of which are threatened by poaching, illegal trade and habitat loss. The company’s mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. The net proceeds of every NFT collection could make the difference between the disappearance of iconic endangered animals and their successful preservation. 

Credibility and Transparency 

When choosing which endangered species to support, EndangeredNFTs conduct a thorough due diligence process to identify key partners. Each endangered species NFT collection is always launched in partnership with an international NGO notable for their conservation efforts and work in protecting that species. This ensures that the proceeds of the NFT sales are used in the most responsible way possible, and that every dollar raised is spent ethically for the support of the endangered species. The exact distribution of the proceeds from the NFT sales are public information and are built in the smart contracts used in launching the tokens. 

First NFT Collection in partnership with Rhino Momma Project 

The massive rise of rhino poaching has made waves throughout the world, as it becomes more evident by the day that if drastic action isn’t taken, future generations may very well come to know the rhinoceros as an extinct creature. 

Mohamed Amine Belarbi, one of the 4 founders of the project stated: “Taking action requires innovative ideas and ingenuity, and that’s what inspired us to collaborate with Rhino Momma Project on the launch of the Rhino NFT collection. The sale of this unique NFT collection will make a significant difference in the growing numbers of rhinos in Namibia given that over 90% of all sales proceed go directly to funding conservation efforts championed by the Rhino Momma Project.” 

Each NFT sold represents a unique Rhino with amazing art work so that buyers can proudly showcase them. The NFTs also come with a 3D model of the animal which members can upload in the Metaverse. 

Because the purchase helps make a difference in Rhino preservation, Rhino Momma Project is giving amazing benefits to NFT holders such as a free stay at their lodge or ranch so buyers can see and interact with the Rhinos they’re saving. Additionally, buying an NFT gives holders access to a members only channel where they can get content updates (videos, images, live streams) about the Rhinos they’re helping save so they can see the impact of their purchase. 

People can start buying the first limited collection of Rhino NFTs on OpenSea on April 1st, 2022, as well as visit the Metaverse exhibit of the collection on Spatial.io 

About Rhino Momma Project 

The Rhino Momma Project purchased their very first rhino in September 2011; a five year old rhino bull they named Cedric. Looking for a mate, they purchased a white rhino cow with a heifer (female) calf from a game auction in May 2012. It was at this stage that they fell in love with rhinos and decided to help save this iconic species from extinction by breeding as many as possible of them, in order to try to repopulate Namibia and Africa with rhinos. They turned to John Hume in South Africa, the largest rhino farmer in the world, to see why his breeding program is such a success and to acquire the necessary knowledge to avoid making costly mistakes, then went on to continue building their breeding stock with additional purchases until December 2015. So far, since January 2013 until March 2022, 124 calves have been born on their reserve. 

Their goal is to continue breeding these magnificent animals to try and repopulate Namibia, Africa and hopefully the rest of the world. They currently have the potential to deliver an average of 18-21 calves per year. They hope to build up their capacity to produce 30+ calves per year. 


EndangeredNFTs website: www.endangerednfts.com

Rhino Momma Project website: www.rhinomomma.com

NFT Collection on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/rhino-momma-project

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